ValuePickr- Mumbai

(Shiv Kumar) #25

Am out of town from September 10 to 18. So all the best for the first

(Pod85) #26

Count me in…Aditya Podar

(tbhavesh) #28

This is great…Count me in as well

(champvimal) #29

Great initiative! I am not in Mumbai on 11th Sep.

But will try to join next time.

All the best!

(Chintan Shah) #30

Great initiative.Count me in.

(Anandh) #31

Hi Yogesh, does this cafe have a separate room and if so for how many people? IF we are thinking of a presentation, we might need a projector and a combined seating area.

I was also thinking whether hiring a meeting room may be more fruitful. This may cost ~3,000/half day(I will try and find out more), but if spread over 10-20 people may work out the same cost. Also, I was wondering if Meetup could be a better platform to coordinate this given the fluid group and schedules.

(Partha Goswami) #32

Hi I am eager to be part of the group

(Yogesh Sane) #33

Hi Andy,

No, there is no meeting room. This is just a regular cafe restaurant. I see your point. If we have more people, a cafe will not be enough. I was assuming a group of 10 to start with. If there is more interest, we can hire a club room to be more productive. Please post any alternatives you can find.

for the presentation, as suggested by @narender we can carry printed presentation so we can refer to it if we cannot find a place with projectors.

Let’s see if the poll option here can be used here to see how many people are interested in attending the session.

  • I will attend the meetup on Sept 11.
  • I will NOT be able to attend the meetup on Sept 11.

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(kaustubhkale) #34

Let’s prepare a whatsapp group atleast, as Narender sir suggested. We can all whats app him our numbers, and he can prepare the group.

(jinushah) #35

hey buddy pls count me in too if u still have space left

(TJ) #36

would love to join…

(Umang Joshi) #37

Count me in please. Thanks!

(vandan) #38

Hey guys, request you to count me in on the meet and whats app grp. Cheers!!

(Chintan Shah) #46

This is Chintan Shah. I work as an IP Networking Professional and have keen interest in learning about investing.Thanks for adding me to the group.

(Amey Desai) #57

@narender - i have already sent you a message on whatsapp
i would like to be a part of this valuepickr meet

if this is not a big problem - can we meet in Dadar ?
It is convenient for people from both central & western suburbs

I would also prefer meeting on a Saturday evening - 10th Sep 2016

(prashantrane2000) #60

Can we try Skype or some conference software instead of physical meeting? It will be convenient and quick for all

(narender) #71

many thanks anandh for ur efforts/ active nature nd help here…

others pls note the admin nos above for watsapp group…pls dont reply here for watsapp addition…message one of the admins…

lets keep this one for the meeting we are trying to achieve…

(Vithal Pai) #73

This is a good idea. We can discuss & post on whatsapp group

(Anandh) #85

The first Valuepickr Mumbai meet is happening this Sunday at Somaiya Polytechnic Vidyavihar from 2:00pm onwards. Please join whatsapp group for further details.

(Anandh) #87

You can register for the meet here