ValuePickr- Mumbai

(Shiv Kumar) #25

Am out of town from September 10 to 18. So all the best for the first

(Pod85) #26

Count me inā€¦Aditya Podar

(tbhavesh) #28

This is greatā€¦Count me in as well

(champvimal) #29

Great initiative! I am not in Mumbai on 11th Sep.

But will try to join next time.

All the best!

(Chintan Shah) #30

Great initiative.Count me in.

(Anandh) #31

Hi Yogesh, does this cafe have a separate room and if so for how many people? IF we are thinking of a presentation, we might need a projector and a combined seating area.

I was also thinking whether hiring a meeting room may be more fruitful. This may cost ~3,000/half day(I will try and find out more), but if spread over 10-20 people may work out the same cost. Also, I was wondering if Meetup could be a better platform to coordinate this given the fluid group and schedules.

(Partha Goswami) #32

Hi I am eager to be part of the group

(Yogesh Sane) #33

Hi Andy,

No, there is no meeting room. This is just a regular cafe restaurant. I see your point. If we have more people, a cafe will not be enough. I was assuming a group of 10 to start with. If there is more interest, we can hire a club room to be more productive. Please post any alternatives you can find.

for the presentation, as suggested by @narender we can carry printed presentation so we can refer to it if we cannot find a place with projectors.

Letā€™s see if the poll option here can be used here to see how many people are interested in attending the session.

  • I will attend the meetup on Sept 11.
  • I will NOT be able to attend the meetup on Sept 11.

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(kaustubhkale) #34

Letā€™s prepare a whatsapp group atleast, as Narender sir suggested. We can all whats app him our numbers, and he can prepare the group.

(jinushah) #35

hey buddy pls count me in too if u still have space left

(TJ) #36

would love to joinā€¦

(Umang Joshi) #37

Count me in please. Thanks!

(vandan) #38

Hey guys, request you to count me in on the meet and whats app grp. Cheers!!

(Chintan Shah) #46

This is Chintan Shah. I work as an IP Networking Professional and have keen interest in learning about investing.Thanks for adding me to the group.

(Amey Desai) #57

@narender - i have already sent you a message on whatsapp
i would like to be a part of this valuepickr meet

if this is not a big problem - can we meet in Dadar ?
It is convenient for people from both central & western suburbs

I would also prefer meeting on a Saturday evening - 10th Sep 2016

(prashantrane2000) #60

Can we try Skype or some conference software instead of physical meeting? It will be convenient and quick for all

(narender) #71

many thanks anandh for ur efforts/ active nature nd help hereā€¦

others pls note the admin nos above for watsapp groupā€¦pls dont reply here for watsapp additionā€¦message one of the adminsā€¦

lets keep this one for the meeting we are trying to achieveā€¦

(Vithal Pai) #73

This is a good idea. We can discuss & post on whatsapp group

(Anandh) #85

The first Valuepickr Mumbai meet is happening this Sunday at Somaiya Polytechnic Vidyavihar from 2:00pm onwards. Please join whatsapp group for further details.

(Anandh) #87

You can register for the meet here