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26% of total current shares issued i.e. 106 Cr
that means, 26.5 Cr shares

Total current public shareholding = 61.5 Cr shares.

So, about, 43% of eligible shares, i.e current non-promoter shares.
BUT, as per below article, if old 2013 number of issued shares is used, then about 20% of public shares.

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Q1 Result:
20% decline in topline
92% decline in bottomline

45% decline in topline
9% decline in bottomline

25% Dividend declared on FV of Rs 1, subject to approval in AGM

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Corp presentation

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Press release for ā€˜Vakrangee Q1 FY 2018-19 Financial Resultsā€™

Explains impact of Nextgen Kendra strategy on Financials, as also stated during Q4 2018 results announcement.

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Now we know what was going on at Vakrangeeā€¦They were trading GOLD :roll_eyes:

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After this fall in the topline and bottomline,

The next is going to be liquid assets vapourizing (bank and cash balances)

I have seen how Teledata Informatics killed the minority holders and delisted itself. I am sure no one made a complaint. They were once the 3rd biggest IT company by sales in India. Everyone remembers satyam no one remembers them :wink:
That was a big learnign early on in my investment life.

Aside: I was fortunate to have read Amit Mantriā€™s blog. I know people hate him for this but I invested in 2point2 after reading the blogs. I call them often and whatsapp them to ask the rationale of their investments. The last 3 months have been tough and even my 2.2 portfolio is in the red. But the kind of due diligence they do gives me a lot of comfort. specially knowing the promoters and also the ground realities, which I cannot find out given my full time work.

I had to go for a PMS because (as someone was discussing on this forum) from outside, vakrangee would meet every single criterion for investment (for people who look only at the numbers on the surface)

To me Vakrangee is another example of the adage that dont invest in ā€œchor companiesā€. Ever.

I did this same hope investment in Teledata (10 yrs back) where I took it as a lottery. I learned that in a casino, ā€œonly the house winsā€. I lost 1 lac back then. Have avoided all these fallen 80% so nothing worse can happen plays totally.

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I am possibly the best example of how retail investors get trapped. Since 2015 I thought of entering the counter. High valuation kept me away. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. I entered as a momentum pick in Jan, 2018. Cant get any better :slight_smile: Rest is history. Thankfully, I had a strict TSL of 15%, I was knocked out with minor loss. The chart below is worse than bitcoin bubble. I am surprised how come millions of investors felt it as steady-compounder for a decade.


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Good of them if they oblige, since itā€™s a discretionary PMS, not sure if they have the bandwidth to explain things to all clients.

Am a fan of them since Kitex days.

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Vakrangee says no serious charge brought out by MCA after inspection of books

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Interesting development; although this not the actual report but Vakrangeeā€™s understanding of itā€¦ Each of the red flags are getting sorted. An example of what rumour and panic can do to a stock - same as the uncontrolled euphoria which took it to 500+. As always, the truth lies somewhere in between :slight_smile: