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26% of total current shares issued i.e. 106 Cr
that means, 26.5 Cr shares

Total current public shareholding = 61.5 Cr shares.

So, about, 43% of eligible shares, i.e current non-promoter shares.
BUT, as per below article, if old 2013 number of issued shares is used, then about 20% of public shares.

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Q1 Result:
20% decline in topline
92% decline in bottomline

45% decline in topline
9% decline in bottomline

25% Dividend declared on FV of Rs 1, subject to approval in AGM

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Corp presentation

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Press release for ā€˜Vakrangee Q1 FY 2018-19 Financial Resultsā€™

Explains impact of Nextgen Kendra strategy on Financials, as also stated during Q4 2018 results announcement.

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