TCS opportunity

(abhi2525) #21

43% it was

In Infosys, it was should be around 50-60%

(Prateek Ingawale) #22

i guess, you are telling the theoretical acceptance ratio…
i am asking you the entitlement ratio mentioned in the buyback letter…

for infosys, theoretical acceptance ratio is around 60% and entitlement ratio is around 29%…
final acceptance ration will get to know by mid december…

(abhi2525) #23

Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, the entitlement ratio was 43% as well.

(Prateek Ingawale) #24

thanks for the response…Please find below snap from Infy buyback offer…

(Manohar T. Patil) #25

From the above snapshot, does it mean that you can only render maximum 34 shares for the buyack? Can you sell the remaining shares (120-34 in above snap) in open market anytime?



Just trying to revive this thread, since the same opportunity is available again.

I participated in the buyback last year and all my shares were accepted.

What are your thoughts on this year’s buyback?
How many of you are participating this time?

(sarthak kumar) #28

What is record date for buyback ?

(tapas dash) #29

Record date is yet to be announced.