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This is the link to a recent interview of PB Balaji, throwing light on the Tata Motors’ strategy going forward.

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ICICI Pru Mutual Fund bought today, through a bulk deal


Excellent. He seems to be excited and confident about i-Pace and its ability to compete with Tesla.


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Most of the Marquee names r quoting at mktcap/sales ratio of greater than r around 1. For volvo it’s around 4. Even on the conservative side of 1, the normal share should get double from here. If u ask me, it’s available at dirt cheap. On the other hand, Domestic vehicle sales is also looking Rosy. We might be at the end of tunnel. Ipace might re rate this I think.

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More bulk deals today…Goldman Sachs and Integrated Core Strategies buying today.



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In connected car, security is a very critical. Good to see that JLR has partnered with a global leader in device security


How do you see JLR in the next 5-10 years?
Jaguar Land Rover is now at a trigger point. We have to again do everything, so many things in parallel. It is going to stretch the company and also the financials. We invested ahead of others and that is why we are ahead in the electrification (of cars); we have already launched the first electric vehicle.

Going ahead, we have to redefine our product portfolio, upgrade the internal combustion engines, march ahead on autono …

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Created a new vertical to focus on electric mobility



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Press Release- Jaguar Land Rover May 2018 Sales


Robust JLR sales


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The I-Pace reviews have been flattering, to say the least. It’ll be interesting to see how JLR can cash in its headstart. Quoting from this article below:

The verdict from the overwhelming majority of car critics is not in doubt: This is the best electric car yet.

The one unresolved issue now is how many i-Pace vehicles Jaguar will actually manufacture, and how this number relates to demand.




Why the street is cheering the new CFO at Tata Motors