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(sumit680) #210

where can we find the script of conference call…they have not still uploaded on their website…

(girishrbhat) #211

check researchbytes for recordings

(Mridul) #212

Jiten bhai…i went through the last concall where you asked how this nce molecule is different than others that failed. Jasti’s response that this is performing better on safety (which led to the downfall of others in phase 3) is an edge. But again, its performance on efficacy is a complete wild card. Any other insights on the same?

As these guys are expensing out every dime spent on NCE pipeline (i.e. not capitalizing), failures here on this front won’t impact the financials. It would just have a big sentimental impact on the company and the stock.

The base business is doing very well producing superb cash flows enabling the company to remain debt free while supporting huge r&d. It is projected to do well for next few years. Not many crams companies have this kind of BS!

Superb chart formation portraying increasing bullishness.

(Jiten Parmar) #213

We may know something on Suvn-502 in 2019, I think. That is an option value in the stock. Chances of success in these kinds of molecules are quiet low. Suven is in phase 2A. CRAMS and services business is doing quiet well, so that can support valuations to a certain extent.

(ishikaghose) #214

This study is scheduled to be completed this month. I went on to the drug control site to check on results. None yet. Overall there is increasing disillusionment with the drugs being developed to control Alzheimer’s. Was trending for a few years but as mentioned in various posts - results are not worth considering.

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Some recent update on company covered here -

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care rating


SUVN-502 is a promising pure, 5-HT6 receptor antagonist in development for the treatment
of moderate Alzheimer’s disease, a novel triple combination treatment approach.
This trial evaluates the efficacy and safety of SUVN-502 added to background stable
donepezil and memantine, a triple therapy in subjects with moderate AD dementia.
At CTAD, Suven is presenting the baseline patient demographics and scales from the
ongoing phase-2a proof-of-concept trial of SUVN-502 for moderate Alzheimer’s disease.
Top-line efficacy results from this study are expected during August/September of 2019

from exchange notification…

(Arun S G) #218

Actually, 5HT6 has seen multiple failures in treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Any success in Suvn502 would be against the grain of all current outcomes. An investor would be prudent to assume failure.

(NaMo) #219

Last Patient enrolled for SUVN 502 phase 2 trials. Total patients enrolled is 563 against target of 537. Final result expected in July/Aug 2019.

(Patrioticindian) #220

What is the margin of safety for an investor at current valuations if SUVN 502 fails ? I feel the experience gained ( even through SUVN 502 failure) by the company help them in their sucessive compounds.Also their CRAMS coupled with the strong bs will help them to recover earlier than the market sentiments.

(Ranjit Solkar) #221

I’m hearing many positive thing about this drug. It might be one of those attempts that could potentially catapult these guys into the big league, like how Natco had done with Sofosbbuvir and Glatiramer.

(Arun S G) #222

Pl provide some specific data points to help readers understand better. If you see a few posts above, there is lot of evidence that all trials thus far based on this molecule have not delivered positive outcomes, so what new information is available that changes the odds?