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(rollnball) #156

huge pleding done by the parent company

(Gaurav Somani) #157

It looks like the money raised might be utilized to take Vedanta resources private.

(Tarak) #158

Reasons for current slide in the share prices of sterlite technologies are:

A. Overall Market weakness because of Rupee Depriciation
B. Pledging of Promoter Holding to raise money by Promoter

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(Ravi S) #159

Looked attractive due to future growth potential and huze size of business opportunity in optic fibres. However, management/promoter attitude is worrying, came to conclusion that at the end of the day, they will not leave anything in the plate for minority investors, gave it a pass.

(rvetri) #160

I guess it should be due to the promoter pledge recently.

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(ramanhp) #163

“The draft policy, which was in public domain for consultation, focused on increasing high-speed broadband penetration, with use of modern technologies like 5G and optical fibres across the country at affordable rates.”

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(Ravi S) #166

Just google it, you can find. Here is one of them

(jainnitinp) #167

According to the company’s shareholding pattern disclosures, about 36% shares were pledged during the Sept 2017 quarter. So is this a new pledge?

(jainnitinp) #168

Do we know for sure or is it just a speculation?

Have written to the CS to find out more.


Disruption alert

DIsc: Tracking position

(Devaki Nandan Tripathy) #170

It’s not a new disruptive technology per se. Iridium is there for last two decades. It was a SatCom dream project for Motorola that almost made it bankrupt.

There are at least three main limitations that has prevented its wider application - high bandwidth network, indoor reach and latency. Moreover, the bandwidth is not easily scalable.

Iridium will find its niche applications, but with current day technology, it will be unable to give a serious competition to OFC, let alone dent its marketshare.

P.S.: How did you create a tracking position in Satellite communications? By buying Iridium at NASDAQ?

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Tracking position in Sterlite not Iridium! Not a bad idea to think about Iridium too. The stock has done really well :slight_smile:

well, I am not a tech guy but few things to note here. Amazon won’t involve unless it could scale the opportunity bigtime. Can’t it start selling small Fire like device to receive signals to correct these limitations. I recall folks used to say samething about 2.5 G i.e. CDMA and 4G that it is not suitable for wireless service but improvements made them a great success eventually.


What do you think of Sterlite?

(rvetri) #173

I have checked it in several blogs… OFCs are the backbone of 5G and low latency applications. All these Sat technologies can satisfy areas where OFCs can’t penetrate…

(jainnitinp) #174

Article clearly says “The CloudConnect network will focus on where cellular technologies aren’t.”


What stops them from offering it to everyone apart from license and required infra?

(reggy) #176

I work on merchant ships and have used iridium for over 10 years now.Its expensive.It might get cheaper in the future but its not gonna replace OFC anytime soon

(jainnitinp) #177

Nothing, except that they don’t want to.

(DunzoAD) #179

Any explanation given by management regarding pledging of shares?.The opportunity looks quite promising but if it’s at the expense of minority shareholder, is it still worth a bet?