Sintex - Improving Sales & Profitability

(ramanhp) #122

I agree. Demerging should happen at Valupickr as well.

(amitsoni) #123

Guys, Please read my analysis on Sintex. Views invited.Sintex.pdf (226.9 KB)

(Raminder) #124

Your views in line with Shyam Sekar suggestions.

(amitsoni) #125

Yes. Read this… Gave me a sense of relief that was thinking in the right direction. Only challenge is how quickly they will be able to reach 80-90% capacity utilization mark and if there are any challenges to that.

(vinay ambekar) #126

Yes. When i was reading the note it was as if shyam’s presentation was being played back :slight_smile:

(amitsoni) #127

Good to know… all these details available on sintex investor presentation and concall which they did on 19 May… problem was nobody was interested to even look at it.

(csteja) #128

Did management gave any guidance on new orders for capacity utilization of new plants

(amitsoni) #129

Plants were not commissioned by May. They said it might take around a year to reach full utilization.

(navneet.daga) #132

I held Sintex for more than 4-5 years and than sold off. My key take away was that an equity dilution is always round the corner with this company. Coupled with extremely poor capital allocation it always seemed like that the company was undervalued but never reached the stage it should. This does not give a lot of confidence about the management and promoters. I think this discussion chain has most of the pitfalls highlighted and I would recommend everyone to go thru them before investing.

Again things might have changed since I sold off my holding about 4-5 months back so please do you own due diligence. I am currently not holding this in my portfolio.

(gamit) #133

have a look at Jana’s notes:

Many thanks to him!

(Aditya Mehta) #135

why there is equity dilution frequently?
Is it because of conversion of bonds into equity or share warrants ??

(Rohan) #136

There are intangible assets of 1500 cr in the sintex plastics balance sheet. What exactly is this?

(Aditya Mehta) #138

story disclosed

(VK) #140

Financials of Sintex Plastics today in pink papers… All set for listing soon…

(Savishesh) #141

Can you post a pic of its financials published in newspapers? Thanks

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(Savishesh) #143

I thought it was for Q1. Ok I have seen these results. Thanks

(Sd) #144

@rknshah @vivekp
Sintex Plastic listing today;8th Aug 2017.
This is sub to pre-open session- understand that orders can be placed for this demerged entity like IPO from 9:45 and it would list on bourses at 10 am

What should be the listing price?
I think this is an opportunity to enter into looking at peer group performance, Sintex’s Plastic division performing well, low crude price, sector tailwinds etc. - Pl share your views.

(sahil1311) #146

Sintex Plastic listed today at 124

(Kritesh Abhishek) #147

Sintex Plastics got listed today. Read more here: