Selecting a broker

(Devaki Nandan Tripathy) #471

The outcome may vary by few quarters but it is a foregone conclusion. Simultaneously, growth of Zerodha along with its focus in direct MF investment can drastically change the landscape for financial intermediaries, both online and offline, like MF distributors in next few years.

But, a more radical change will occur when passive/index investment becomes popular like in the west and its impact on the likes of HDFC AMC will be a thing to watch.

(Deepak Venkatesh) #472


This is just the fear of Paytm money! They are pushing the ‘free’ marketing point so zerodha if it continues charging will see huge dissaperance of coin accounts. Paytm’s launch is just around the corner. And perhaps they are ready to burn through cash which zerodha might not do.


(Somenath Paul) #473


Most of good brokers having excellant platforms like Kotak Securties/Sharekhan etc have GTC facility.

This is a boon for long term invertors and swing traders.

Why is Zerodha not having this feature? Many customers (including me) will be willing to even pay for this feature.

And I assume you have lot many complex stuff ongoing, and this one will not be that tough.

Is there a reason why No 2. broker in India does not have a GTC feature?

Somenath Paul

(vaibhav) #474

@Nikhil.A For me n i guess for many others , something like a holding statement subscription, where in one would receive his stock holding statement daily from zerodha on his email, would be very useful. Could it be possible?

Thank you.

(vividvilla) #475

@vicky_7900 If there is enough traction then it can be done on top of Kite Connect API’s.

(Dr Kurian Joseph) #476

Zerodha coin charges you only Rs 50 per month for unlimited direct investment now. I don’t think paytm is going to be big challenge for them.

(Nikhil.A) #477

Coin doesn’t charge Rs. 50 anymore. It’s completely free.

(Nikhil.A) #478

Hmmm… While this is possible, it seems like a daily email would be overkill. Let me pass this up the grapevine here and see what we can do. The idea is to make all this info accessible on our online platforms instead of having to email everything. This, we plan to do with Console. You should check it out. Analytica and visualisations will be added soon. We’ve been working on this project for 2 years now and have quite some cool stuff planned.

(vaibhav) #479

Thanks a lot for the reply Nikhil. The daily/weekly/monthly holding subscription would be optional for the user and would expire after say 6 months, after which the user would have renew it / reenter his choices.

For me personally, it is quite an essential feature. My main trading account is not zerodha atm (sorry to say). I like zerodha’s interface and think that it has improved massively. Although to an extent, the lack of daily holding subscription feature has prevented me from switching.


(Nikhil.A) #480

As I said before, the idea is to provide a dashboard/portal that can be accessed online instead of sending email reports as it’s just more efficient.

(vaibhav) #481

The holding email which I get daily is just a single page snapshot of my demat holdings, no attachments etc. And subscribing to that is optional. In addition I can anytime view the holdings after logging in to the trading / demat account .

Sorry but I am not able to understand how something like this affects efficiency.

(Nikhil.A) #482

When the information is available and easily accessible on our portals, an email seems redundant. In any case, as I said, I’ll pass this on to our team here and we’ll try to come up with something.

(1.5cr) #483

For long term investors I dont think brokerage fee matters much, I find comfortable to have bank account and brokerage at the same place, leads to easier transfer of funds etc:

(Gurjot) #484

Now this is great news! Will it also be possible to move my existing direct mutual fund investment onto Coin ?

(Nikhil.A) #485

Yes, if they’re already in demat mode, you simply need to move them to your Zerodha demat account. If they’re physical, you’ll need to dematerialise them. The dematerialisation process is explained here.

(Gagan) #486

Hi Nikhil,

I have been using coin since last year, mainly I invest surplus cash in liquid funds.
but I found that COIN doesn’t have proper reporting, like short-term gain & long-term gain statements are not there, there is only transaction history, it makes very hard to file the tax return.

is there any existing way for such reporting? maybe I am not aware of.


(Gurjot) #487

I have read that the same day NAV cut-off time is 1:30pm for investing through Coin.

I’m used to investing directly through the AMC website where the cut-offs have always been 3pm. This is a significant advantage for anyone who doesn’t do SIPs and does lump sum investments like me.

At 1:30pm - it is difficult to confirm the direction and the quantum of the market move (especially if the indices have moved 2-3% in either direction) where as by 3pm you’re almost certain of both the direction and quantum of move.

I wonder why you need an additional 1.5 hrs when all orders and transactions are being done electronically in this day and age.

(KunalKothari) #488

Just curious, how does a 3 pm cut-off help, except to make sure you get the same day’s NAV?


No other advantage, I guess. The more time we have, the more we can watch the indices move, and take action in the last few minutes.

(Gurjot) #490

Disc: I invest in Lump sum mode and my style of investment involves the element of trying to time the market. It is not advised for most people but it has worked reasonably well for me.

I generally invest at a time when the market has been going down for sometime (>5% correction on the Index at a minimum) and mutual fund NAVs have also fallen a bit from all time highs. But the exact days of investment are when index has fallen at least >1.5% that day and there is a lot of blood on the streets - can be gauged with mid caps and small caps falling 5-8% across the board. But investing that day before 1:30pm leaves the option of a rapid recovery in the remaining 2 hours of trade - meaning the NAV you get may not be much lower. But at 3pm - if the index is still down >1.5% you can be sure of getting NAV much lower. (subject to the fund being invested in of course)