Saurabh Portfolio for 20% Expected Return

(Shan) #41

Good stuff dude! I still remember the first VP Bengaluru meetup where we met, and we’ve come a long way since then for sure. Clocking 46% CAGR is phenomenal and you should be very proud of that.

I only have Sinclair’s, Ambika, NESCO from your list but all of these I’ve part exited as the valuations grew. Cupid is perhaps the only live overlap but my allocation is very low there.

Of course our investing styles are different so I don’t expect much overlap anyway but strangely we have the same CAGR

(Kumar Saurabh) #42

@theashworld Yes buddy, we have come a long way in last 2 years. You and some other friends from Bangalore group helped me to develop multiple perspectives on various paths to make money. It was a learning . Great to know your portfolio is doing so good. Different investment styles mean always something to learn from each other :slight_smile: . Wish you a great 2018 Shan Bhai…

(James Sebastian) #43

Thank you for clear and crisp explanation.

On CAPF, I gone through Yogesh’s reply earlier, but considering good growth due to a crazy first generation leader took the risk. Let me see how it pans out.

Shamaroo : I could see where your hesitation coming from and I consider that do not bring any big red flags and i will continue to research on it and build my conviction.

Please continue to contribute to community and wish you all the best for 2018.