Poly Medicure - at an inflection point!

(Mallikarjun) #81

Hi Vimal

Have bought Polymedicure before and after the record date. The bonus shares have been credited to the account for the quantity bought by July 5.

(Vimal Dixit) #82

stock making lower tops and lower bottom for last five consecutive days…is there some fundamental issue.

(Gaurav Chandak) #83


for long term play like poly why to bother abt such pattern in daily chart.

it can take out all these highs in one day.

so dont feel there is any funda issue (if we look @ chart)

(Vimal Dixit) #84

Gaurav…my estimates for poly EPS is around Rs.20 - 23ex Bonusfor '14, had taken a bit higher exposure hence the worry…broadly agree with what you say.

(Atul Garg) #85

Though Poly a good business, Their product portfolio doesn’t seem very impressive. As already mentioned in this thread earlier, they have to improve their product basket to grow significantly. Also the mgmt keeps repeating the forex thing issue. As far as I understand they always find themselves on the receiving edge of this double edged hedging sword and haven’t learnt their lessons.

Though I am myself invested in poly but above two concerns prevent me from increasing the pie.

(Mallikarjun) #86

Vimal until 248 and 198 is breached the upside is intact. Q1 results are yet to be announced. These kind of stocks test our patience . Even i am getting cold feet since have highest allocation. And intend to allocate more.

(Mallikarjun) #87

Q1 results

Sales grew by 19.8 % ( Q12013-67.83. Q12012 -56.59 )

Profit by 213 % … ? ( Q12013-9.55. Q12012 -3.05 ).** Please cross check**

EPS is 8.67. ( Q12012 was 2.77 )

(hemant gupta) #88

hi mallikarjun,

results are good. its essentially a 20 percent compounder. net profits seem inflated because of forex issues in the previous year. i bought some today.

).Please cross check

(Mallikarjun) #89

Was wondering about profits :-)… thanku bhaiya…

Lupin has got tentative FDA approval for generic Nuvigil tablets and Oracea capsules…

Its up 4% today

(Raj Panda) #90

Hi Malik,

Am not able to find the link to result on BSE site, where did you find the result ?

Please help.

(hemant gupta) #91


check on nse. its there. for some strange reason i couldn’t find it on bse either.

(Mallikarjun) #92

Just now logged in Raj… Unable to upload the file… The results are on NSE Raj…

(Hitesh Patel) #93

I had a look at polymed results… They look fabulous and stock looks quite attractive.

period q1 fy14 q1 fy 13 fy 13(12M)

sales 68 57 248

NP 9.5 3 24

eps 4.3 1.4 11

Looking at the sales momentum and margin expansions, company looks set to do sales for fy 14 of around 300 crores and net profits in the region of around 36-40 crores… Based on current market cap of around 577 crores, stock trades at fy 14 expected PE of 14-16 which seems attractive looking at the fmcg nature of the business… Plus it has an export component to its sales which should be benefited by depreciating rupee.

(Mallikarjun) #94

Hitesh paaji

Can we expect EPS to be around 20-22 by fy14 end…? And pe of 16 gives 35 % upside from current levels…

( Request you to drop me a clue before you enter…So that i can buy some more before everyone else:-) )

Its almost 3 decades we started exporting software n services… Until we find the next big thing to export Rupee will depreciate further paaji… May be volatility will be curtailed…

(Gyan Roy) #95

AreAutomobile and auto components the next big thing? What with Ford and Renault-Nissan planning to export small cars from India. Huyndai and Suzuki were already doing it. Also, With Hero we willhave one more strong player in Bike exports. But I think the real game will start when Honda and Toyota start exporting from India.

(Hitesh Patel) #96


I think reasonable assumption on eps would be closer to 18-20 although it is very difficult to gauge any projections…

But on above assumptions, one can assign a PE of close to 18-20 and hence u can estimate upsides…

Now that the worries of forex losses are a thing of the past, stock can reach higher PE levels if it continues to churn out results similar to q1 fy 14.

(Mallikarjun) #97

Gyan i am not sure which sector may spring up… To remain competitive in manufacturing we must let rupee depreciate further i guess… Like China which has devalued its yuan…

34 % of our imports are crude… Which will increase further…

Other than software, petroleum products, gems and jewellery and pharma contribute to our exports…

Until we attain energy independence we will find it tough to rein in rupee…

(Mallikarjun) #98

As earlier pointed by board members the company has incurred 33 cr for expansion which will contribute from Q3…Hitesh paaji hope sales will pick up more…

(Vimal Dixit) #99

Hitesh…This kind of results were always expected given that forex issues do not exist any more…though Vadra case seems to have bit of hangover over the stock…with expansion / backward integration / debottlenecking etc. contributing from Q3 FY’14 my rough estimates for FY’14 EPS range between 20 - 23 based on this the stock is trading at 11-13 PE FY’14…indeed attractive levels, rerating cannot be ruled out altogether.

(Ayush Mittal) #100

Yes, superb results once again by the co :slight_smile: The most impressive thing is consistently high margins and steady performance. This co can be a good steady compounder.