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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the insight, appreciate, if we can please add disclosure to your comments.

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Global accolades continues to flow for Piramal Pharma

Disclosure - invested for last 2 years (and continue to invest on every drop) and is major part of my portfolio

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Interesting podcast on Piramal realty http://www.forbesindia.com/audio/maga-zine-extra/podcast-land-of-plenty/49813

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Q4 and FY 17-18 results on the very first working day after the financial year. Never seen such a thing before. What could be the reason for this?. Also, I wonder how they are able to report so fast?. Even sanwaria consumer who are always quick, not able to do it this time. ( 11th April this time)

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Company has not specified the agenda of the board meeting. So it may not be related to results but for some other purpose.

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https://www.bseindia.com/corporates/Forth_Results.aspx says so. may be its a mistake ?

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Moneycontrol also shows that meeting is for results…personally I think meeting would be for something else and not for Q4/FY results…

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Piramal’s entry into housing finance is certainly helping their borrowers sell their inventory quickly.

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Dear Sir / Madam,
Ref: BSE Scrip code: 500302, 912459
NSE Symbol: PEL
I~ Piramal
Sub: Setting-up wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company to commence businesses of
Merchant Banking and Asset Management
In line with the Company’s growth plans and as part of the Financial Serv ices business, the Board of
Directors has at its meeting held yesterday, approved the proposal to incorporate wholly owned
subsidiaries for commencing the businesses of:
i. Merchant Banking for underwriting securities and placing the same w ith the potential investors;
11. In vestment Manager and Sponsor of proposed Alternate Investment Fund(s) including schemes
launched by the Fund(s) in the infrastructure sector, from time to time.
A Committee of Directors has been duly empowered to the take these proposals forward and make
necessary application(s) with the Regulators, as required.
Kindly take the above on record.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
For Piramal Enterprises Limited

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On real estate and separating the men from the boys. Article touts Piramal Realty (not under PEL) to become one of the top three real estate players in next couple of years. Only time will tell if such bullishness was warranted.

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Good to know AP is looking for re-entry in pharma. As we all know, Indian pharma sector is going through lot of pain due to US FDA inspection issue as well as loss of pricing power in US. So pharma business valuations have become reasonable. Hence it could be next contra play for Piramal… but one where they have lot of expertise.

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I consider it as core portfolio stock for long term. The main reasons-past performance,fair valuation and reliable leadership.

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If I might be so bold as to suggest that we exercise restraint in discussing sensitive issues like political ideologies on the forum. As often happens, it may metamorphose into a mudslinging contest.

In my humble opinion, it’d be productive and enlightening if we highlight why the author is deficient in interpretation of financial statements
instead of passing blanket remarks questioning the author’s credibility.

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“Company filings by Piramal Enterprises the next year suggest a value of almost Rs 48 crore was placed on the Goyal family’s shares in Flashnet, which translates to Rs 9,586 per share. In the absence of any response from Goyal, however, it is not possible to confirm the amount actually paid to him.”

“Six months after the sale, according to statutory filings pertaining to the financial year ending March 2015, the company declared its net worth to be only Rs 10.9 crore.”

Can we compare sale price to book value?