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Hi Rahul,

  1. You can either exercise rights-by going to a designated ASBA enabled branch and buy your quota of eligible shares at a discount or renounce your rights by selling it to brokers buying renunciation rights. google this.
  2. QIP is meant for HNI’s mostly.


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Hi Aditya,

Thanks for your response
1.can I buy renounce rights from my broker or other person. Is there any platform for buying
2. Where can I buy bonds?


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Hi Rahul,
Given the promise of piramal and ingeneral also brokers are keen on buying
renunciation rights and don’t intend to sell it to us.

Please google karur vysya rights form to see the process of rights
renunciation for a sample.

Am not aware of how the bonds are purchased . Please explore the
underwriters website or contact alphaideas.in for details.


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When is the rights issue opening?

(Marathondreams) #495

Rights issue date yet to be declared. As per AP, it will be before end of the year, not sure if he meant by fiscal year or calendar year…

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I am a newbie to this company’s history and prospects. Just couldn’t get one thought out of my head after reading the product called SURF where people are given bigger loans for lesser EMI (after claiming to check creditworthiness). This sounds eerily similar to SUBPRIME, and sows the seeds of doubt. Besides, this product can be susceptible to manipulation through a nexus between the HFC and any opportunistic real estate investor who repeatedly flips property within a couple of years. Having seen both such forces in action during the US subprime crisis, this product gives me the heebiejeebies. We Indians narrowly avoided a subprime crisis here in India thanks to a few stringent lending norms my RBI, but products such as these could be easily duplicated by other lenders and cause a mountain of bad debt that would implode at the first sign of a softening housing market. I would welcome opinion and inputs from other esteemed members of this forum.

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Transcript of Conference Call with Investors/Analysts held on 9th November, 2017


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AP interview to Managing Asia

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another excellent investor presentation from Piramal


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Any news on Rights issue ?

(Marathondreams) #503

No news yet. AP mentioned end of the year so it will happen before March 18 .

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Ajay Piramal is one of the best asset allocators in India , based on this ppt. Share price has appreciated by 29 CAGR in last 29 years

(Marathondreams) #505

Not sure whether it will happen in one year as suggested by Mr. Mehboob Irani but looking at the past record, I feel it can achieve this price in next 3 years from current price of Rs 2800.

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Citi Bank increased the target price of Piramal Enterprises to 3060

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Piramal Finance eyes hospitality sector, in talks with hotel firms

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Shares have undergone a 7-8 month consolidation period with a clear rectangle pattern of 3 high and lows each. Bracing for a nice breakout :star_struck:

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Article mentions Ajay Piramal as person to watch out for in 2018.

(abhishkjain2626) #510

Could anyone please explain the reason behind the abysmally low return ratios? Is it due to some temporary setback, and expected to normalise soon?

Reading March '17 statements, on a NetWorth of ~14,000 crores, they made a profit of 1,250 crores. Given that their Finance biz is generating 25% ROE and usually large pharma companies all have ROEs in the 20-25% range, can we assume Piramal’s ROE has significant room for improvement? If it were lets say 22%, company could have been making a profit of 3000-3500 crores on a 16k crore equity. ( BVPS= ~800, assuming normalised EPS to be 160-200 ) At this price, if my assumption is correct, the stock looks unbelievably attractive.

Disc: Looking to raise allocation, to 30% of PF.

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PEL had acquired few pharma companies and has been investing in the growth of the Pharma business. I would expect the ROE in the pharma business to improve with the growth of the business and operating leverage kicking in.

I also expect the ROE to increase to higher levels, increasing PAT and the valuation. The demerger of the businesses will also help reduce the holding company discount.