Nifty PE crosses 24|A statistically informed entry-exit model!

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I remember, Reliance IPO, the largest at that time, got finalized just 24 hrs before the Lehman news. When lakhs are crores are on the line, i find it hard to believe that it is a coincidence.

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Not sounding bearish…but just a highlight…Is anybody tracking … GE is into deep financial crisis…UK largest contractor recently announced bankruptcy leaving billions of dollars of vendor liability and pension money in lurch…Deutsche Bank is in suspect and charge of rigging interest rate…and has reported depressed numbers…US auto loans delinquencues are rising fast and running into billions of dollars.

Here in India the delinquencues in housing loans are increasing

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Can you quote the source of this information ?

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RBI has quoted this…I don’t remember where I read this…but I think if you Google it you will get lot of info on this …

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Just to add further Australian housing market is into deep shit…

Not necessary the next crisis will be triggered by same factor which led to previous crisis.

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Can you please quote source for the points that you have been raising? Thank you.

(bharat.jain) #1012

I just googled Australia housing market

seems liquidity has done lot of damage everywhere and now yields rising will definitely raise loan rates across the world and will have impact on earnings and also on loan repaying capacities.

(Amit Jain) #1013

Nifty 50 will give a fake rally. There is residual bullish sentiment. All bulls have not been obliterated, they aren’t called “bulls” for no reason. :slight_smile:

Lets see how that plays out.

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One more thing…SGX introduces derivatives in Indian indices and stocks…This will shift Indian volumes in my guess…Let’s see how the volatility pan out this year…with introduction of LTCG here in India, no such tax in Singapore, start of SGX trading and coming pain the global market…which may be 9 to 12 months away…

Disclosure: Fully invested since last five years.

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This thread dedicated to Nifty PE valuation seems to get distracted to other topics also. mean time as per NSE data Nifty PE as on february 2nd close is 26.04. This works out to nearly an EPS of Rs.413 /-. The EPS on December quarter closing was only 391/-.

This means a 5.5% increase Q on Q. The much awaited earnings recovery is coming fast. This will gain pace as the transfer from the unorganised economy to organised one gain more pace as a result of GST. The fast earnings recovery and a rapid correction which we are witnessing now (atleast in small and midcap space) will bring the valuation levels to a comfortable zone much faster. Also the reduction in corporate tax for companies which has less than 250 Cr turnover can help several smallcap and microcap companies

Discl: 80% invstd, 20% cash planing to invest of smallcap index holds 8000 lvs.

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In my opinion, the downside fall this time is soon to be stopped. FII’s are still buying into the market. The next leg of bull rally towards levels of 11400 are going to be steep upwards. It is at very moment when the last bear retail investor turns into a bull. And market crashes following that with a black swan event.

P.S. 2-3% is not a crash. It is a correction(healthy correction it will be named in the forthcoming final bull rally)

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this thread and in general also confirms my opinion market is a perma bull every fall or even a crash can be seen as correction over very long period .if u see 30 year charts even 2009 crash will look like a correction only,but is that correct ?i dont think so market is all about timing , though its fancy to say never try to time the market. but when we buy at low valuation and sell at high valuation …we are doing that only .timimg the market and that is the essence of smart investing and doing all this hard work. otherwise just invest in index funds in a sip manner . why bother with such hard work and digging into so much stuff


Nifty PE based on consolidated earnings is is 23.48. Typically PE base on consolidated earnings is 2.5 to 3 lower than what shows on NSE website.

But lower shift in PE is justified due to firming of interest rates, higher deficit and so on.

PE should drift to <22 by year end based on earnings if rally does not push market higher.

Now with LTCG+STT logic for selling out (long term holdings) and buying later based on current market levels is further negated.


(Amit Jain) #1019

Furthermore, there is a difference in timing the markets and marking the time. Allow me to elaborate.

When we say “timing the market”, we tend to predict wherein we call-out well in advance what may happen in the near future. It has been my observation that, these calls are usually not backed by actions.

On the other hand when we say marking the time, we tend to label the current scenario as whether it is worthy of a specific action. For ex. now at PE 26 it is not worthy of investment. However, when it becomes PE 17, whenever that may happen, then it will be worthy of investment. For ex.

Just wanted to highlight the subtlety.

(Deepak Venkatesh) #1020


From a purely index perspective I think one can make comfortable money by just buying the nifty by tracking the PE levels. Yes I would be guilty of timing the market but as @jamit05 pointed out its not really that. Just run through the corrections of nifty and you will see how quickly the PE drops once it begins correction.

Also for more than a year ie since Jan 2017 we have consistently been over 22PE and in this period 50% of the times over 25PE. Looking at the table below its not a level where we will be spending a lot of time. (derived from the bell curves shared in earlier posts).


So personally its important to wait patiently and watch. Maybe add onto a few personal darling businesses but not more.


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First part proved right :). Could you offer your analysis for the 8800 levels prediction, please?

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Friday 2nd of Feb was murder for Nifty and Sensex. With Dow falling more than 660 points later on Friday, Monday, 5th Feb could be massacre … brace up my friends. Discussion has moved into the right direction now by @jamit05 and @deevee to see when should we invest again. Great opportunities to invest will come … question as always is how far will it fall.

(Amit Jain) #1023

Prediction ALERT: Nothing consequential, like Lehman, has happened that market should crash. There is still plenty of bullish sentiment left. This correction will be bought into.

Another up-leg is in the offing. How the market treats this up-leg will be important.

I feel the rates of Jan 31, 2018 will be the highest rates for the long term. In one previous post I have shown the logic, but admin choose to delete the post. It wasn’t offensive, just opinionated.

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Having focused my efforts in this direction, I see that it is not as easy as it appears. Several questions need to be decisively answered. It is a job of a well informed group of people. Moreover, there are several mental and cognitive biases that come into play.

(Deepak Venkatesh) #1025

Hi Amit

That is why I had put the word ‘think’ in italics :slight_smile:
Since I have not done index investing I only have viewed it with utter simplicity which perhaps is grossly incorrect when it comes to execution.

In other news.