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@prasenjitp04 thanks for detail note .I have invested in MRSS from 160 level and kept buying till 75 odd level .I have significant amount invested which is why did some channel check .They have real business for sure .I think the mistake they made was as you rightly said concentrating too much on shareholder expectation /share price .I have been in FMCG industry for 2 decades ,their research work is good and Raj and Sarang are veteran in the industry with great knowledge ,though there is not significant differentiation in research ,the way they project .

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That sounds like downright gambling. Bit strange, considering you run a professional equity advisory.

(Prasenjit Paul) #225

SME stocks are not offered in advisory service so the relation of running advisory is irrelevant here. Moreover, I don’t disclose/discuss about stocks those are the part of advisory service, so again there is no point on it.


Is there any rule that creator of a thread can’t sell shares in the co. Adequate disclosure was given when I sold…the price then was 200+ if I remember right…still a 4x over the recommended price of 50.

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This is the guy from Tree house ? It was another scam like MRSS.

Many people lost money in MRSS type ponzi scheme , should we allow these kind of guys who keep playing games with operators in this forum ? We all know how big a fraud tree house was and now same happened with MRSS , no wonder this guy is common link there.

Executive Profile*

Utsav Shrivastava

Head of Hr & New Projects,Tree House Education & Accessories Limited

Age Total Calculated Compensation This person is connected to 0 board members in 0 different organizations across 1 different industries.


Mr. Utsav Shrivastava has been Head of HR & New Projects at Tree House Education & Accessories Limited since August 5, 2015. Mr. Shrivastava served as the Chief Financial Officer of Tree House Education & Accessories Limited since November 10, 2012 until August 5, 2015. Mr. Shrivastava served as the Chief Financial Officer of Tree House Education & Accessories Limited. He served as Director of Human Resource & Operations at Tree House Education & Accessories Limited …

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I don’t see anything in the above link which says Utsav Srivastava is fraud.
Recommendations always have ups and downs. Better to learn from the mistakes rather than blaming.:blush:

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Nobody said 8k miles promoters or CFO are fraud , nobody said Kwality Ltd CFO and CEO are fraud or nobody said anything for CEO and CFO of tree house anything plz don’t read too much into my msg.

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I think this is a bit of character assassination… without giving @thestocklady aka Utsav a chance to respond
There are numerous other right calls he has given which nobody talks about (yuken & meera i definitely know off) and to be fair on him - he had raised the red flag of Sarang buying shares at higher price than market and duly disclosed his sale.
Further Intense story is still pending and few friends who have seen the product vouch for it .

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I am invested in some other stocks covered by The Stock Lady like Yuken and ITL Industries .I did not invest in MRSS since I generally prefer brick and mortar companies to consultancy or software which I see not my forte. Having seen the threads of MRSS in this and also in moneycontrol board I have spent some time to understand on this activity of market research and on MRSS. To the extent I could see the business performance and growth potential of this company remain intact while the management messed up the whole front of financial management , be it over drive on acquisitions, inefficiency in realisation of bills , flaws in revenue recognition artificially propping up the share price by buying inexplicably at a price more than market price .Having said this I could see the management is good at what they are doing and taking right steps to stabilise the business and streamline the internal procedures .To what extent these steps will help them in bettering the performance only future will tell .An interesting company to watch .

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It is interesting to observe from an article dated 14032017 in vccircle , the owner of tree house has stated the modus operandi in full detail as to how a powerful media owner was successful in destroying their business by cohesive means .It is a dog eat dog world especially in India.One can not even dare to name these people.

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IF some operator was related to mrss and has sold out, isn’t it now in healthy hands?

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Shareholding Pattern Public ShareHolder.pdf (89.5 KB)

Looking at the shareholding pattern it can be observe that Body corporate, NRI and Clearing member has increase their stake and reduction in shareholder having excess of 2 lakh

Body corporate has double their stake. Who is buying?

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I too liked the profile of the company.

  1. But a quick Google search with a “Company name” + fraud or scam query shows that the company is in one of those category.
  2. Chart price action indeed shows a pump-and-dump pattern.

Overall I doubt the company, so I’ll avoid digging into financials and would suggest others to avoid it as well.


(AmitContrarian) #240

This was there before the IPO itself but some experts didn’t bother to do look at it …

(Jinal) #241

As per glassdoor the employees has given good review about the company. We should not comment if we dont know whats the truth

(ashwanipathak) #242

Hi, GlassDoor is a prime portal. Most of the employer themselves manipulate it because they know new hires before joining will definitely take a look of Glassdoor reviews about their company. I know this because I have been working with some HR clients for their HR software requirements.

Anyways, thanks for being a part of the discussion :slight_smile:

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I have just started tracking this as the financials looked appealing.
A few (naive :slight_smile: ) questions arose, after reading through the thread:
Q1: Has the falling price movement been explained?
Q2: Did everyone sell (or was it a few, with large stakes)?
Q3: Can we concluse for sure that it is a pump-and-dump operation?
I ask as Avanti Feed (mentioned above) shows a similar chart pattern. The recent fall may be have arrested/retarded due a increase in promotor stake. If the promotor has not been proactive in arresting the fall, it doesnt reduce the lustre of thia company.

Any comments are welcome.
Disclaimer: No shares held.

(Ashwini Damani) #244

One more bites the dust.

All I can say is learn from mistakes…

Can we now work backwards to pinpoint what were the red flags. I’m contributing some

  1. Have u ever seen a consultancy company listed. They normally work under partnership model

  2. Debtors Days was a clear red flag

  3. Valuations were being justified by stories

(Ashwini Damani) #246

Agree , biggest red flag was raising of money every year for small values…

(Satish Earthling) #247