MRSS - Niche Market Research play

(rvetri) #42

I do…The management has fire in the belly and are aggressive to grow.
Not sure when they will list in main board. And they are addressing the
days receivable which is a concern and their Q4 FY17 nos are moving in the
positive direction…

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MRSS acquires a singapore based MR agency with revenues of Rs 20 Cr for Rs 9 Cr…So the 100% topline growth for FY 18 is already achieved inorganically…Let us see what they can achieve organically for the Fin Yr…MRSS press release 21st july.pdf (1.1 MB)

(Jatin Soni) #44

From where did you get Revenues of Market Probe and the amt paid for acquisition ?

(rvetri) #45

Jatin… Read the board meeting details in bse website… It is mentioned
in that… Sorry I am outside and will try to post it later…

(rvetri) #46

Jatin & friends

Pls see the value details of the acquisition in the annexure ( last 2 pages ) of the attachments in the enclosed link…

(rajnishdahiya) #47

why would they write

“MRSS on BSE SME, Scrip ID - MRSS, Security Code - 539229, Stock is up by 3636% since IPO. Current share price is Rs 476.40/-”

on their home page?
home page is meant for business clients, not for potential stock buyers!!
And business minded management shouldn’t care this much about stock price. big red flag for me.

(rvetri) #48

MRSS secures new projects from international agencies for social research projects

(rvetri) #49

MRSS completes the acquisition of the Singapore based Market Probe Asia which has a revenue of Rs 22 Cr…All through cash deal from internal accruals. MRSS which has a topline of Rs 21 Cr in FY17 has doubled its topline with this acquisition…

(Jatin Soni) #50

Interesting part of acquisition is the price paid for it. With sales of 22crs they paid 3crs for it. MPA has cash balances of more than 2crs. So Effectively they have paid less than 0.5crs for the entity.

If MRSS can expand the margins of MPA, it might turn out to become an infinite ROI :slight_smile:


Ref : If MRSS can expand the margins of MPA…

Pls refer to what Raj sharma has to say : Using various tools, they plan to bring the operating margins in line with the India entity.

If they can walk the talk…even if they take a couple of years to do this…this will be a huge boost for the fortunes of MRSS and its shareholders.

Having said that, this is easier said than done and will be a great test for the capability of the MRSS team

Disclosure : Invested ( currently 20% of pf ) and hence tend to biased on the upside.

(rvetri) #52

Just by labour arbitrage between Singapore and India, they can bring the manpower cost by 10-20%. This is like or easier than the IT industry onshore to offshoring. They will do it sooner than later…:kissing_heart:

(Vivek Gautam) #53

What a discovery by you of this gem in Dec 16 as visible in this thread ? Great conviction & groundwork by you.Kudos.

(harishm) #54

there is a minimum lot size of 600 which needs to be purchased to get this stock (as per zerodha). I have not seen this before and still dont understand why such a limitation for equities.

(rvetri) #55

MRSS proposes to issue one bonus share for one…A very good news on a bad
market sentiment day…Dont know what the stock will do…


Good news. While the bonus is a welcome news as it will increase liquidity and pave the way for main board listing, I am more enthused by the fact that Sarang is buying 15000 shares at 500.
Clear indication of better days ahead.
Disc: invested

(Nirav8) #57

that’s potential Rs 75 lac infusion from promoters for a company with Rs 250 cr market cap :slight_smile:

(TT) #58

How is it an “infusion”?

(Nirav8) #59

Hi Tushaar,
Its Pref Allotment…upto 15000 shares @ Rs 500/share.
MRSS Bonus Pref Allotment.pdf (714.9 KB)

(TT) #60

Great, thanks for the clarification.

(Samir) #61

the key here is effective leader/Promoter (Mr. Panchal) is buying at Market Price. Quite a confidence.

Discl: Invested at current levels