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(ramanapakam) #21

Great sir,

where can we found Dr. Hitesh Patel recomendation in this site could you please put on some light here
I am not able to find out such recomendation as you bought companies like .please suggest me where I can found such GEMS.


(Meet Makadia) #22

Hahaha. Vijay bhai - I am at best a learner. I am lucky to have been mentored by Hitesh sir and Manish sir. I will surely share and quicken my learning curve by being in the company of Valuepickr community.

(Manish Vachhani) #23

This is not a stock recommendation forum. Here we learn from each other and try to analyse stock to the best possible extent.

(Meet Makadia) #24

Sir, even I dont know where does he post his work on Valuepickr. I am still exploring the forum pages.

(Meet Makadia) #25

I am a pure bottom-up stock picker. So, till I am convinced about individual companies doing well, I dont bother too much about sector tailwinds. And I have seen people pick winners by focusing on sectors. So, it depends on individual stock pickers.
Talking about Whirlpool, the logic while buying in 2007 was that in Rs. 400 cr market cap, I was getting an American brand of consumer durables. WMs and Refrigerators formed 90% plus revenues. I saw that they werent in ACs or other durables like microwave or water purifiers. In my interaction with the management, they mentioned about getting into other durables. The market penetration of durables was very low that time (even today, market penetration of refrigerators is less than 22%, for other durables it is less than 15%). So, I decided to buy and hold the stock till losses dont increase too much. To track sales, I used to visit my neighbourhood Vijay Sales showroom once every quarter. I hadnt predicted Whirlpool will grow this well this soon. I just reviewed the stock periodically and decided to hold till I see management doing something weird. I have seen my dad holding ITC for 20 years (30 bagger) and Gujarat Ambuja for 22 years (60 bagger). That made it easier for me. Plus I have mentors like Hitesh sir and Manish sir who keep telling me “dont fall in love with your stocks”. I cannot thank these three enough.

(Jayantrichur) #26

Are there any recent picks after October 2016?

(Peabody) #27

Truly inspiring. A rare combination of vision,knowledge,abnormal patience and what not. To hold something for 6/7 years requires different mind set. It is essential but very difficult to implement. The word ‘conviction’ which is frequently used is very difficult to comprehend when an individual has no means of verifying information which is critical for success. So ordinary folks resort to holding well known franchisees and companies with track record if they have no mentors or no source for getting vital information(not inside) about the company. What I would be interested is the triggers that made you buy certain stocks like Eicher. When you bought Eicher it was not cheap and how got convinced that this could be a great bet.

(maheshkumar) #28

Wow amazing portfolio
Great picks at right time and super holding capacity
Great job sir

(Ram Arvin) #29

Can you please advise your latest PF