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This link takes you to an article which was published in 2016…how come it is a recent activity???

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I am doing the same. The entire sentiment in this forum is about value but price invariable becomes the king especially when it begins sinking. At that point, fundamentals begin to matter less and market forces rationale counts more. I have closely tracked signs of fraud or bad intent and found them lacking. In fact, in B2B business, it builds great customer appreciation if you bite the bullet and absorb losses if costs go up suddenly. To a certain extent of course. One would want pricing power, ability to pass off costs to customers, but it is not possible always. Fixed Cost projects in IT is a great example of that.
~ Disc - long term investment in Lasa with shares in tens of thousands, averaging strategy each time market drives it down,

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This actually came on their twitter handle on july 31st…

That way, it is recent! :smile:

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Yes. As long as the promoter holds significant shares and didn’t pledge a big chunk, he is still investes in company’s success. So, if we can then bring down the risk of management being crooked, we will still need to work on other possibilities (1) Management doesn’t have capability or doesn’t know how to manage (2) Company runs a risk of bankruptcy before turn around to profitability (3) A better opportunity exists in other companies like Sequent Scientific etc.

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I bought it around 150 and exited after the news of rights issue came .I mentioned about it back then that time that market is not liking the news of rights issue but some one was counter arguing against it saying its not because of that and fundamentals are all on track.One thing i learnt from the markets is that market punishes management who is hungry for cash unless the management is very very high quality.the management got greedy seeing their stock price go up after ipo listing and wanted to get as money as much as possible from the market. Many prudent ones in the market sensed it and got away.These are the acts which convey things about management more than any interview or financial performance.

I think some one who was invested more than 50% of their portfolio in Lasa and hope they exited at a stop loss price .

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Lasa reduces losses …cuts down production…

appointment of new CFO…new additional director

Question remains intact… are the figures genuine…

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Another question is, how much inventories do they hold? Also, with recent China shake up, how is their partnership with the Chinese firm shaping up?

As per the numbers, we got to assume it is genuine, with a risk of fraud. I think that is already priced in. I am more concerned with how long can the business sustain and how long would it take for profitability. If I remember right, Omkar mentioned that it will take 2 quarters to pass the cost of raw materials to consumers. The next quarter will be the one where the reason of raw material cost wont apply.

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Any details about the conference call?
Couldn’t find any with the results.

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I saw this on outcome of board meeting. Does this mean share dilution…?
Why would the company try expansion plans when they have ongoing issues?

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They are planning rights issue probably. But it will only come once market conditions improve

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  1. Qualification of CFO is not mentioned. Earlier CFO appointed by company didn’t join.
  2. The time of AGM 9:00 AM at Mahad???. It seems the company does not want shareholder to attend.
  3. The WTD has 8 year of experience and in eight years he worked with 4 companies.
    This speaks about talent company is hiring.

Future of LASA is shaky.

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