Lasa Supergenerics Limited

(devinmori) #224

Shareholding pattern for the period ended 31-12-2017

Promotor holding is 39.75%

(Nolan) #225

LASA gets enlisted as ‘First Choice Customer’ with CIDIC - among large pharma companies in China

(sta) #226

Ya i understand that. I meant bring the pledge down in omkar. SVAK is with Mr Pravin. Right?

(nkgambhir) #227

(rahulparekh22) #228

Hi, a quick question - is the review / removal from t2t group a company specific date event or are there common dates when they review all companies in that segment? And also, how long post the review does it take to get into effect?

(abhishkjain2626) #229

The CFO resigned today (no reason given by the company).

(abhishkjain2626) #230

T2T review was due on 30 Jan. Anyone please tell where can we check that? Is Lasa still under t2t? :frowning:

(sta) #231

On a lighter note. It’s better to be in t2t group under current general state of market :slight_smile:

(Harish Assudani) #232

yes, the NSE vide their circular no: NSE/SURV/36893 dated 02-02-18 has maintained status-quo of Lasa Supergenerics at serial number 21 in Annexure -2B.
The above circular is available at NSE official site.

(nkgambhir) #233

That is strange. The company has been saying that they have fulfilled all criteria and the moving out of t2t group should happen in february . Is this cause for worry ?

(Rohinipathi) #235

What ever the reason. I am happy with the outcome during this carnage. :grin::grin:

(abhishkjain2626) #236

I’d hope it comes out of T2T during this carnage, giving a chance to enter at the 130s and under :wink:

(amil) #238

There is an EGM on 7 Feb. Does anybody plan to attend it and is EGM useful to interact with management (compared to say AGM or Concall?).
Being in Mahad, could site visit be possible? Is anyone planning to attend and more specifically, meet the management regarding business updates (and not just EGm agenda)?

(rv007) #239

If somebody is attending the EGM, below questions will help in understanding some of the things

  1. raw material and how much of that is linked with crude prices
  2. are there any raw material / imports that come under the anti dumping duties that are recently announced

(abhishkjain2626) #240

@nkgambhir Guess today’s LC was due to Omkar and not because of Broad market selloff. sir, how much of a spillover effect can there be in Lasa due to the recent Omkar results?

Disc. Invested before the demerger and then exited Omkar

(Ranjan K) #241

Hi All, i have recently started tracking this company. There seems to be a lot of confusion around the promoters holding. As per the demerger doc, promoters were supposed to hold 59.2%. The latest filing shows 39.75% only. Some brokerage reports show much higher promoter’s shareholding. Could anyone please provide some background to it?

Thanks & Regards,

(phreak) #242

@ranjank - Here is a simplified one-line expression.

Old promoter holding + Demerger = New promoter holding + Promoter Profit

That’s pretty much it.

(Ranjan K) #243

I listened to the latest concall, Mr. Omkar says his holding will be around 36% …Dec 31 filing shows 39.75% by promoters including 10% of the erstwhile OSCL.

(Ranjan K) #244

Didn’t get a good sense of the shareholding and explanation by the promoter over the concall…Mr. Omkar’s own holding as of 31st Dec is 21.47%. He says his own holding will be 36%…the parent OSCL might sell it’s 10% in Lasa…

(rahulshares) #245

Lasa CFO resigned on 31st Jan. No reason was given. A really ominious sign.
Can anybody give some view or red flags for LASA? Im planning to exit as I believe OSCL will keep selling lasa and there wont be meaningful upside unless some institutional investors enter. Views invited on Lasa.