Lakshmi Vilas Bank - Turnaround Story

(devarshi84) #21

Again fell 20pct today after they declared the banks exposure to Il&fs. They were honest atleast.

Last three quarters have been a rout so the only hope is if they can get new owners.

I don’t know why these banks of the South are not contemplating a merger.

(devarshi84) #22

Economic times has reported that LVB fund raising plan has hit a rough patch as investors don’t want to invest at a time when NPA problems are all around.

I trust Mr. Parthasarthi Mukherjee’s vision to get the bank out of chaos but that may be a while. Need to see how they have handled current qtr. If they have reduced NPA’s and provided for in previous 2 qtrs, I expect current qtr to have GNPA below at least 6-7 pct.

Disc: invested before the NPA issues spiralled out of bounds.