KRBL- The King of Basmati rice


phenomenal upmoves by krbl every single time the trend line is touched…!

Disclaimer…only trading , not interested to invest

(rupaniamit) #104

Hi - can anyone please share or point me to KRBL’s Quarterly Earnings Conf Call transcript? There is audio version for the call on researchbytes - but prefer to read it. Thanks.

Disc - not holding but researching

(shreys) #105

Dear @1.5cr,
It’s more than 5 percent.
Around 15 percent of the total assets under management for Pabrai funds.

(shreys) #106

Please excuse my ignorance.
Can Basmati rice be cultivated in China?
I reiterate, my apologies for asking questions that are seemingly basic.

(shunz) #107

I dont think so. It can be grown only in india and pakistan

(MeetSugat) #108

Some east Asian countries too.

(abrarhh) #109

I can understand your apprehensions :slight_smile: The very thought of China growing Basmati rice and taking over its trade can be troublesome for our own companies like KRBL.

(Rajesh) #110

No it is unique product of north indian peninsula. Even in North India, Dehradun Banaati is the best. I am Banaati grower. China can not create quality, the aroma.

(Kumar Saurabh) #111

China is infact going to start importing from India. Read last 2 years of icra n care quarterly reports on basmati rice. They track it

(rupaniamit) #112

Hi - anyone knows why conf call was not conducted to discuss Q3FY18 result? I don’t see it’s recording on researchbytes. Thanks.

(phreak) #113

Breached 500 and looking quite interesting. What a dramatic change of events since Pabrai purchased.

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(django) #114

Bought today. Will hold in ‘Respect quota’ in my portfolio :slight_smile:

(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #115

True…here is the detailed article on it.

(phreak) #116

440 levels now. Something’s certainly up. P/E is now dropped to 23 and LT Foods is meanwhile nearing 20 P/E levels.

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(Mahendra243) #117

Is there anyway we can know if pabrai has sold off already?

(Parag) #118

I doubt if Pabrai will sell off. Generally, he is in the company for a long-term (definitely not a short term).
He has recently said that whenever he buys a stock, it goes down (as in case of KRBL).

I am sure he must have a strong reason to buy into KRBL at the highest price and high PE. I think it would be interesting to know what his logic to get into the counter.

(Roy) #119

KRBL has been performing consistently well for the past several years. Q3 results have been excellent. Company has created a strong economic moat with the India Gate brand, which is by far the most popular basmati rice brand both in India and abroad. This looks like a rare opportunity to buy a quality stock at a reasonably low valuation.

Disclosure: Invested and accumulating more

(sandeep17) #120

Mohnish Pabrai buying into KRBL ( at the price that he bought ) is another example of the human fallacy. A guy that for ever spoke about his liking for buying businesses cheap ( infact going to the extent to say that he should be able to explain his buying rationale to a kid ) has bought KRBL at peak valuations. Let alone kids - i am quite sure this investment of his has left experienced investors perplexed.

A lesson for all those who look up to celebrated investors - do listen to them, do study their behaviour/actions but you’ll only do well over a long period of time if you build your own philosophy and diligently stick to it.

(phreak) #121

At 433 i.e 22 P/E, the discount was too good to ignore so have taken the plunge after tracking this for months. Hopefully this is just LTCG related volatility and nothing fundamental to do with the business. Let’s see.

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(Mahendra243) #122

anyone reason why there is no substantial mutual fund holding? and highest public share holder is reliance commodities dmcc…dont know what it it