Kellton Tech - Growing IT company

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i am sure they will still grow 30-40% plus

yaar basic kellton model is intact …its already at a pe of 9 odd …they have marquee clients

there is too much noise about qip & acq … with these it will be great …

however things are ok without these too …just that people are panicking …maybe those who have made money from much lower levels

(Rajeev M. Parashar) #88

Point taken on marquee clients. It’s one of the prime reasons I’ve held on (Well, I don’t rule out my loss aversion in play). Although the length & value of the current contracts seem to be small (52% - $0.5-1 Million, 48% - $1-2 Million). It remains to be seen whether sectors with tailwinds - media & entertainment (only 2.2% revenue share in Q1FY17), Travel & Hospitality, Education (no separate mention, I guess both are clubbed under ‘Others, Aviation & NGO’) will result in more client wins for Kellton.

The management needs to focus on improving margins & cash flows. Mr.Market will get off Kellton’s back only then.

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Correct me if I’m wrong. If you compare the shareholding pattern under “Public and holding more than 1% of the Total No.of Shares” in the Annual Report & September filing, only Bhavani Sanna Reddy has held on. The rest of them seem to have sold off.

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Though not as well known Clutch comes up with interesting companies in various categories. Kellton finds a place here.

This could be a good hunting ground to look at interesting companies in various emerging technologies. I really like the fact that they have Geographical lists for various categories.

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The consolidated margins are once again uninspiring for Kellton. They have a standalone EBITDA margin of 20.6%. So, some (or many) of its subsidiaries are pulling down the consolidated EBITDA margin to 14%.


Kellton Tech looking to raise USD 3-4 m; QIP work in progress

Good to see Conservative talk from the management.

(Harpreet Singh) #94

had a long long chat with them …they were very receptive
thank god it showed up …

even the targets been lowered instead of the superlative nos of the past …and only organic growth spoken about with some talk of the inorganic

and also run rate explained by Niranjan …great !

(v4value) #95

But why the greed/need for taking other peoples money? Everything they do seems to be centered around tryiong to take other peoples money by QIP. Why cant they use internal cash and debt for growth instead of diluting at such " low valuations", that is if they see value in what they have?

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He said that IT Industry is facing headwinds in terms of funding and QIP is a ‘work in progress’ (I don’t think QIP will happen any time soon). They are more likely to raise money at 5.5% interest either here or in the US.

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Brian J. Bokanyi, Kevin Huston, Srinivas Potluri, Krishna Chintam, Karanjit Singh & Gerard Eivers at Kellton Tech Analyst Meet 2016 held in Mumbai


To Focus On APAC Region: Kellton Tech Solutions

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Kellton Tech, global leader in digital transformation and enterprise solutions, has been ranked 19th on the
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2016, a ranking of 50 fastest growing technology companies in India.

The rankings were based on the percentage of growth in fiscal year revenues over three years.

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Kellton Tech. latest Corporate video is out. Watch It !

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@n.arvind2k Looking at your posts in this thread, a disclosure is in order. Are you an employee of kellton, or an investor, or someone simply tracking the company?

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Rajeev, I work in Software Industry. I track IT Product based companies Intellect, Kellton, Cosyn, Intense, Vedavaag …

Disc: No position in Kellton. Planning to add if there is 25-30% correction.

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MCS Global, Inc., an information technology (IT) consulting company, provides IT and staff augmentation solutions to various organizations in the United States. The company offers enterprise integration,
enterprise data management, enterprise workflow, Business intelligence, ebusiness, and CRM solutions; and mobile enablement solutions in the areas of wireless portals, commerce, workflow, and entertainment.

It also provides outsourced product development solutions in Web 2.0, consumer Internet applications, mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry), social network technology, and custom software development solutions. In addition, the company offers consulting, systems integration, system outsourcing, resources, support, and training services; and undertakes fixed fee projects, as well as
provides a team of developers, QA, project managers, system administration, and designers on a monthly retainer basis. The company is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey with additional offices in offices in New York; New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; and India.

Hope this acquisition turns out to be a profitable one for Kellton Tech.

(Gaurav Agarwal) #106

MCS Global was acquired by Kellton in 2011.
According to Annual report 2014 MCS Global was completely dis-invested by Kellton.
Now it is reacquiring the same company. I could not understand the rational of this move.

(Rajeev M. Parashar) #107

Bemusing, indeed! Although the announcement says Kellton is buying assets from MCS Global, not acquiring it. Is MCS Global shutting up shop?