JK Agri Genetics - Is this the desi Monsanto/Bayer?

(Mridul) #48

Rishi…gov proposed further reduction in bt cotton prices from 800 to 740 for 450 gm packet. Revenue hit per packet will be 50 inr as 10 inr is reduction of royalty payments to Mosanto. JK’s bt business would be hit if this is implemented. Check below article.

Good that Ethiopia doesn’t have price caps yet.

Any insights on how they are planning to ramp up operation in India on veggie front? Their annual reports do not contain much info.

Here is CARE credit report with pros and cons marked in Green and Red.
JKAgriGenetics_Care Report_Dec17_Marked.pdf (516.3 KB)

Any industry scuttlebutt on seed quality?

(Hrishikesh Kale) #49

JK agri has got approval for commercialization in Ethiopia and Swaziland in last 15 days. So now in three countries Ethiopia Swaziland and Sudan in Africa where they have a commercial license. In Ethiopia and Swaziland they are the only players.