Jenburkt Pharma - Analysis Report

(Venkatesh) #41

Numbers are bad yet again +2% sales YoY. EBITDA down 17% YoY. PAT down 24% YoY. Stock look set to correct more!

(vinaytp) #42

Results are out for Q2…

Sales increase YoY for Q2 13.9 %…
PAT increase YoY for Q2 46.4%
EPS increase YoY for Q2 46.6%

Sales increase QoQ this year 28.6%
EPS increase QoQ this year 158 %


(J2EE Professional) #43

company’s sales cross 100cr for the first time.

(Pankaj Vaidya) #44

Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals has announced buyback of shares at a price of Rs. 576.

(Kamlesh Patel) #45

As per exchange filing promoters are not going to participate in buyback.

Can someone workout probable acceptance ratio for retail investors(<2 Lac holding).

One observation to note is buyback declared after bad Q1 results.

(pradeepkanwar) #46

Kamlesh, I did some analysis ( In short it looks like the payoff are better for non-retail customers.

(Roy) #47

Q2 results are just out. The numbers look very good.

(Rohit) #48

Any one still track this ? June Q1 results are out , company has shown profit in Q1 vs loss in same quarter last year and a decent revenue growth.

I was checking on screener and it seems that the Sep Q2 results are highest and forms more than 40% of total annual PAT. Any reason for this cyclicality in thier business ? why do they make more profit and margins in Sep quarter compared to other three quarters.

(Pragnesh) #49

Any one tracking this stock
…It is [email protected] 14
…In last 2 yrs,many pharma stocks are falling while jenburkt is still growing.
Shoulq i enter at this [email protected] rs700 for long term investment?

(DKP) #50

Very good entry point @ 675 as limited downside up to 650