Intense Technologies

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Yes. It is listing on NSE tomorrow.


my 2 cents on the receivables issue

  1. are the biils genuine ? - yesā€¦since they service only cat A customers, list of whom is well known
  2. will the money come in ? - yesā€¦no bad debt from these guysā€¦the poor accounts have been weeded out
  3. if the money comes in lateā€¦will it disrupt services ? No. And this is important to understand. Incremental sales for product companies carry very little incremental cost. Hence, even if the money comes in lateā€¦its fineā€¦because its not needed once the expense hump is crossed
  4. Given that this is the nature of the industry, what would investors rather have ā€¦Intense takes on more business or the opposite - the answer is obvious. Even with delayed payment cycles , incremental sales is better.

If the company has survived all these bleak years without raising funds despite delayed payments, and yet always paid salaries etc on timeā€¦means it generates enough cash to keep the engine running. The rest is profitsā€¦and i personally am ok with the delay given that its the nature of the industry and the money eventually comes in.

Rest is upto individual investors to be comfortable with thisā€¦dont see how the company can change its business model for our comfort.

mcap when posted: 390cr
Disclosure : increased exposure in q4


an interesting writeup

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The latest shareholding pattern is out.

Seems that Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd has exited completely. A new entry is seen by Prakash Mangilal Jain who is now holding 2.02%.
Also, I3 Infosystem Private Limited and Satpal Khattar have reduced their holding.
Utsav Shrivastava has increased his holding to 1.08%.

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Is Jayant Dwarkanath selling shares which was alloted to him on 7th March?


He wasnt allotted any shares

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Intense Tech has such high delivery percentage of overall shares tradedā€¦ And still the price has been falling.

Not able to figure out if some big operator is slowly dumping the stock or accumulatingā€¦

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Intense Technologies Named as One of the 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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Jotted down a note on peer valuation setIntense_technologies - is it a pump and dump stock.pdf (839.1 KB)

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When r they coming out of March quarter results?

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30 May, 2107; looking forward ā€¦

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Wait is over, numbers r out but r not so pleasing ones

Margins impacted, higher tax expenses made bottom line look worse.

Can someone please explain why there is so much variation in Depreciation every quarter. Being an IT company I expect it to be consistent.

Disc : Recently invested

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Why standalone sales and consolidated sales are same ? No sales at subsideries?

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Seems, they are just burning money out there. It is almost 8cr more. If it is just sales & staff expenses, why is it so much?
Does company hold conference call?

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Standalone Income from operations for the year ended 31.03.2017 is shown as 7017.89 lakhs and Consolidated Income for the same period is at 7028.40 lakhs which implies Income from Subsidiaries is 10.51 lakhs (7028.40-7017.89).
But in the Independent Auditors Report Point No 4, Auditor states that total revenues from subsidiaries is 5.69 crores included in Consolidated numbers but that does not seem to be the case.
Am i missing something ?

Also employee cost for Standalone and consolidated is the same. (Does this imply subsidiaries as of now have no employees or the employee expenses of subsidiaries is also booked in standalone financials)

Other Expenses of Subsidiaries is around 854.37 lakhs (significant number) . Has the company provided details of what these expenses are ?

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Conf call scheduled for tomorrow @ 3:00 PM IST, we can get all our queries answered. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend as got some other meeting at that time

Incase someone joins, please do ask about Varying Depreciation, ā€˜Other expenseā€™ details, Heard some rumors about BSNL order got stuck due to court case so pls seek clarity on that too.

They usually share the transcript post the conf call but by not attending we miss the chance to ask queries we have incase analyst donā€™t ask similar question.

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Who attended the conf call? How did it go? Please share the commentary if you can

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I attended the call. Providing the summary from what I recall, (please feel free to correct )

  1. The company has secured a major win in the US and already started billing. This will be a game-changer for the company as per management.
  2. The US win will also help company to secure more deals because
  3. The consolidated statement showing more expenses and same sales as standalone because the revenue is billed to the parent company and expenses are still shown at the overseas subsidiary.
  4. The company is looking for the strategic partner and already in discussion with a company. The strategic partnership is mostly to help grow business
  5. No guidelines are given for FY18, but they are hopeful of maintaining FY17 run rate and if few large deals come through, there can be a surprise.
  6. The challenges are mainly in creating visibility among customers, longer sales cycle and better negotiation power in winning deals
  7. Current revenue breakup for Products (license) vs service is in the range of 14:86

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Thx mateā€¦
Also it isnt uploaded as yet but I am hoping that they will soon upload the conf call details here -

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Thanks for the notes.

Regarding point 1, I donā€™t remember the 1st point being mentioned - they talked about a very healthy pipeline and negotiations in advanced stages with some clients but a big win - atleast I donā€™t remember and will need to listen again.

Cuz point 1 contradicts with point 5 - would not just be hopeful of maintaining FY17 revenue if a game changer deal has been signed.