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Distilled wisdom in few paragraphs !!! Thanks @hitesh2710 for generously sharing your knowledge. I have saved this and will keep coming back to for counsel during times of turbulence and uncertainty.

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Hiteshji I am perplexed by Praj Industries, have worked on this stock for past 5-7 years always look’s good on technology, technicals valuations but it does never reflects true valuations ? Is management the issue? or Industry is like this? Kindly help with your view on this stock.

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Great writeup! thank you This is of great help to amateurs like me!



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Praj has been a disappointment for me too. But these themes do tend to take a long time to play out and one needs a lot of patience and a reasonably low level of purchase price.

I can clearly see the sectoral tailwinds building up but somehow it is not materialising into order book and revenues. I would like to give it some more time or else if some better looking idea comes up I would like to shift. Its wait and watch mode for now.

(Kapil Sharma) #2228

I agree Hiteshji, had my bouts of patience with this have always bought at valuations which looks attractive held on but after initial 10-20% move it gets flat, I have analysed the market, they are good that’s the reason I buy it! I hope this time they deliver.Regards

(jugal mansharamani) #2229

Hitesh Sir , your thoughts on sheela foam?


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Hi Hitesh,Do you track Capital Trust .If yes whats your view on it.

(Hitesh Patel) #2231

@jugal, I dont know much about sheela foams.
@ajjw123, I dont track capital trust so not much idea about it.

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Hi Hitesh,

A while ago you had initiated a topic on Andhra Petro. This co. looks a turnaround to me.
Would like to hear your views.


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Have you studied Motherson Sumi Hitesh bhai. Sehgal is clearly a transformational leader to have taken his company to this level. However the sector and the acquisition driven growth does raise a lot of questions.

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Kudos! Have been following you since equitydesk days, was quite late to valuepickr! Reading you is reaffirming many times! Keep writing your experiences!

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From where can one get the details of the earnings drivers of all the 157 Sub-Industries as set forth by GICS ? Any ebook / link / other resource(s) will be great

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@hitesh2710 sir u used to track Gokaldas…so as of now Blackstone is exiting and its Ex capitalist and Ex director Mathew is buying this stack…so how u see this development…

(ffaizan) #2239

Hi Hitesh Bhai,

What is your take on Allsec as the fundamentals are improving but there are sectoral headwinds and low sentiment for IT stocks. One has to wait and see how it is performing over time but do you think with pe below 10 there is still significant downside in the stock.

Also they have not paid taxes due to accumulated losses. Next year they have to pay tax as well. The accumulated loses as of 2016 is 28 crore (net deficit in statement of profit and loss) so at least that much they need to accumulate before paying taxes, yet they have to start paying it.

Overall, this makes a case for a stock which is performing well so far but is down due to sentiments. A pe below 10 provides margin of safety. A recent run up and fear prevailing in market may cause people to book profits and pull it back further. Isn’t it not a case of buying more if the fundamental remains strong ? @hitesh2710 views invited.

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Regarding allsec as put up in the allsec thread, by bheesma, there does seem to be a head and shoulders pattern forming. But for the pattern to confirm, it would need a breach of neckline with decent volumes. For the immediate term I am looking at 350 which was the recent swing low and levels of around 330 where the 200 day moving avg is currently located. These to me are important levels.

Fundamentally the company has been doing well y-on-y and even q-on-q. Tax payment would obvisouly dampen reported profits but if overall growth in topline continues I would not be too worried. Plus as you mention valuations seem to be comfortable. Balance sheet looks okay.

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About gokaldas, it would be an interesting development to see how mathew cyriac and associate companies who have given open offer take the company forward. Till now it has been a big disappointment on the profitability front. I would like to keep the co on my watchlist for any signs of improvement in its fundamentals post the takeover.

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Hiteshji, are you keeping a track of suven life science and have any thoughts on their future prospects? On the opportunity cost I have been in dilemma of holding this for more than a year now (purchase price @ 250) hoping for some news on SUVN 502 their flagship molecule.

(Srinivasan Sundaram) #2243


Are you still holding on to Jagran Prakashan? what’s your views on it’s future performance?

(Hitesh Patel) #2244

@samirhuli, I used to track and study suven earlier but was never gung ho about its new molecules. It was only an optionality which may or may not have played out. So I did not wish to pay anything for it. The main business was what I was looking at but I did not find the consistency I wanted in that business and hence gave it a miss.

@doonsrini, I had partially exited jagran when it went up to around 205-210 levels some months back. Recently sold off the rest of the holdings as I already hold db corp in same space. I was a bit disappointed in the way the de merger was done. Ideally they should have allotted 1 share of radio city for each share of jagran and then gone for listing of the radio biz. Investors then would have had a choice of whether they wanted to remain with either of the businesses. But with the kind of jugglery they have done, the holding of radio business remains with them and real value unlocking wont happen as holding co discount would apply on the holding entity. Regarding its future performance it remains a steady business which would generate a lot of cash flows but growth is not likely to be dazzling. It would be more of a steady prod.

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Thanks a lot for your immediate response