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(Sourabh Agarwal) #2182

Hi Hitesh ,
Which are the sectors you are closely tracking as of now?You were one of the pharma bulls but it has been out of flavor as such.With home loan interest coming down my picks would be housing sector.Do you hold your old favorites like canfin homes and repco?

(Hitesh Patel) #2183


I dont have any specific sectoral outlook currently. I dont hold either canfin or repco currently but recently bought Bajaj Finance post demonetisation when it corrected. I think it could be one of the beneficiaries of demonetisation once all the dust settles down.

(kanvgarg123) #2184

Hitesh Bhai,'
All the HFCs are posting great numbers but the valuations of companies vary a lot. Eg you can see the difference between valuations of Gruh, PNB, Can fin and DHFL. I understand the effect of ROE on valuations but how much should it effect? ROE of Can Fin is 23 and DHFL is 16 but the difference in valuation is huge which is same for Gruh. Can you put some light on the way to select a HFC? Also, any particular company or sector you are bullish on? Is it a good time to add pharma according to you ?


(Abhishek Basumallick) #2185

super timing, as usual :slight_smile: And welcome to the club!! I was pleasantly surprised with their results and the management commentary on the concall yesterday. Quite reassuring.

(ajjw123) #2187

Hitesh you should discuss and share often about your failures or mistakes of 2016 or investing life.
Or you should start a separate thread for that.
It will be very insightful. Thanks

(krrish seth) #2188


Globally shipping industry is at around multiyear low, please share your insights about the same.


(vikrantmehta888) #2189

Hiteshbhai, are you looking at IT sector currently for the undervaluation last few months have created in the space? Even the smaller and growing IT companies are available at discounted prices as compared to 2015 end highs. From a 3+ years horizon point of view, is IT really a bad bet?

Disc. I m invested in hexaware, Kellton for long term

(Hitesh Patel) #2190


its a good suggestion. Would think about it and share whatever blunders I have had in the past and mind you there have been plenty.:slight_smile:

(Hitesh Patel) #2191

krrish seth,

I dont have much idea about shipping sector or its cyclical implications.

@vikrantmehta, IT sector does suffer from headwinds from multiple angles. I dont have too much domain knowledge about the subject but do hold allsec tech from among the sector stocks. The sector as well as pharma sector does seem to be facing some short to medium term headwinds due to the Trump stand being feared by markets.

(gautham1) #2192

looking at the FDA alerts over the last 2 years, i am thinking of focusing on local markets. could you name some of the Indian pharma companies that have more revenue from domestic market?. i always thought cipla was predominantly a domestic player. but looking at the sales breakup, its otherwise.
(not as a recommendation. just wanted to explore the companies)

(Ashusharma) #2193

For IT companies main risk or unforeseen risk factor is will Rupee go to 60 or below 60, no one is thinking about this. Currently USD is rallying but Rupee is still far from hitting level of 70 against dollar. Are we going to see USD-INR top at this 67-68 level?

(nil_71) #2194

92% of ALKEM Lab 's revenue come from India market as far as I know.

(Hitesh Patel) #2195

gautham 1,

The first name that comes to mind with predominantly domestic presence is FDC. As far as I recall it has negligible US presence. Unichem could also figure close by with a good chunk of domestic revenues. And with its troubles with USFDA since past few years, one could put in IPCA in this list as well as currently I guess very little contribution would be from US markets with its issues with the FDA.

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I have been blindly following Hitesh bhai over the years :slight_smile: :relaxed: . His first blunder if i may call it was Lakshmi Energy & Foods :slight_smile: where i also lost some money.

Hitesh Bhai i saw a post where you said you don’t own Canfin , Repco.
Can you pls let us know which new stocks your had added to your portfolio?

(Kumar Saurabh) #2197

@ingenix1234 @hitesh2710 This reminds me of TED days when i first interacted with Hitesh jee. I am not sure if he purchased Everonn but i remember disussing everonn. One of the many mistakes of my 1st inning too (Lakshmi Energy) :slight_smile:

(Ankchandak) #2198

FDC is a first company which comes to mind when talking about sales coming from domestic business. The good thing about fdc is even being a domestic player it has NPM between 15 to 20%.I think they are able to manage that because they have a good range of otc product.
The thing which bothers me is there slow growth while other Pharma peers have grown their business significantly. But recent things looks interesting
Increasing of sales force
Addition of new products such as ready Energal (energy drink), tetra pack ors
Forray into US market
Also the last quarter result was showing some good growth prospect. And hence I am tracking it closely.
What would be your thoughts on fdc?

(Manish Vachhani) #2199

I would suggest you to share your transition journey & key triggers in changing the path of your journey. That would be very good learning lesson for all.

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Thanks for the consideration.I am in the markets as a stock broker and option trader since 1997.For the first time I have come across a genuine and helpful platform where knowledge and wisdom is given importance as compared to information.
Generally 99 pct of the people share their winning only to brag their achievements.But everyone knows that to go to the top you have to cross various valleys.

(tbhavesh) #2201

Hiteshbhai : Any view on Supreme Petro and Intense Technologies?

(amberjain2001) #2202

Hitesh Bhai …any views on GP petroleums , Vedanta & manappuram. please suggest on each of them from diversified areas