GNFC - The big becoming bigger!

(adityaagarwal) #286

The new MD was earlier in charge of Gujarat Alkalies which has been a bigger turnaround as compared to GNFC. Moreover GNFC is debt free, operating with a negative working cycle (which may improve more favourably after weekly DBT) and has a monopoly/monopolistic position in many speciality chemicals it produces. The fertiliser segment may report a profit this quarter. Keeping all these in mind can we not cut the management some slack for atleast one quarter and have faith in them.


(hemtan100) #287

GNFC’s cash from Ops for FY18 stood at 1818cr vs 1445cr in FY17.
Current Mcap at 6000cr.
Of course, this CFO may not be replicable in FY19 but in the absence of LT borrowings, this would still mean substantial FCF generation.

(hemtan100) #288

any idea what’s the current TDI price trending at? Used to get this info handily from Sheela Foam’s website but that hasn’t been updated since mid-July.

(suhagpatel) #289

Rs. 250/Kg is the current price. Sheela has Rs. 255/Kg updated in July.


(suhagpatel) #290

Falling TDI prices is a concern. However, GNFC continues to excel in its day to day operations.


(suhagpatel) #291

After WNA & TDI, GNFC comes up with highest ever daily sales of Aniline. GNFC is the only producer of Aniline in India.