GNFC - The big becoming bigger!

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The new MD was earlier in charge of Gujarat Alkalies which has been a bigger turnaround as compared to GNFC. Moreover GNFC is debt free, operating with a negative working cycle (which may improve more favourably after weekly DBT) and has a monopoly/monopolistic position in many speciality chemicals it produces. The fertiliser segment may report a profit this quarter. Keeping all these in mind can we not cut the management some slack for atleast one quarter and have faith in them.


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GNFC’s cash from Ops for FY18 stood at 1818cr vs 1445cr in FY17.
Current Mcap at 6000cr.
Of course, this CFO may not be replicable in FY19 but in the absence of LT borrowings, this would still mean substantial FCF generation.

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any idea what’s the current TDI price trending at? Used to get this info handily from Sheela Foam’s website but that hasn’t been updated since mid-July.

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Rs. 250/Kg is the current price. Sheela has Rs. 255/Kg updated in July.


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Falling TDI prices is a concern. However, GNFC continues to excel in its day to day operations.


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After WNA & TDI, GNFC comes up with highest ever daily sales of Aniline. GNFC is the only producer of Aniline in India.


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Hi guys,
I went to GNFC AGM. i have been tracking the company since past 3 months.

So i was excited hoping i would get an advantage of a guidance towards future outlook for TDI.
couple of investors including me asked about the price trend and demand going forwards in TDI, But the management did’nt gave any guidance. Infact according to management fertilizer segment pain will be there in future. in TDI they said they’re very small infront of players like BASF. they are planning capex in formic acid and acetic acid plants.

I think the newly apointed MD will take time to settle.

Can anyone tell me where do they source Natural Gas from ?

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Almost all your questions are covered in the thread. You need to go through it to get the answers. Management never gives guidance on any chemicals.

As far as TDI prices are concerned, the trend is clearly on the downside. TDI prices peaked at 335/Kg around Feb-March and from there on its a downwards journey till the current levels and its expected to go down even further.


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i’ve gone through thread quite a few time. just want to know if you have information on Natural gas they procure and crude dervatives. so that we get the idea of the Cost structure

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While TDI market is weak, Acetic Acid is constantly trading at multi years high. Lets see how much other chemicals are able to make up for TDI.

Current TDI price is Rs. 230/kg in domestic market. Almost a 33% correction from the peak price of Rs. 335/Kg.

Acetic Acid price source -


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Strong numbers posted by the company

  • Revenue increase of ~10% in Q2 on a yoy basis

  • The EBITDA margin for Q2 FY19 is 22.6% vs 21.2% in Q2FY18

  • Fertilizers segment has posted EBIT profits

  • Despite the TDI prices peaking out, the performance chemicals business has come in strong

  • Overall a ~78% increase in profits on a yoy basis

  • The FCF for H1FY19 (as per my rough calculation) is ~ Rs. 600 cr


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The company has to write off 127 Cr of subsidies it was about to receive from the government as it was of 3 Years old.
The company made 55 Cr investment in Bhavnagar Energy which is merged and all the investments there have to undergo impairment loss. Don’t know why they have not accounted that in the Profit and Loss statement as GMDC has accounted.
This is a big issue with all these Government controlled entities.

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@bharat19 Rs. 127 Cr was written off in June quarter not current quarter. I am not a P&L expert so won’t comment on that part.

@jajushobhit results are achieved despite TDI being at the lowest level in last 12 months. Chemical EBIT has fallen (QoQ) for obvious reasons. Fertilizer EBIT turning positive has helped. Also, falling rupee must have helped to a great extent to their exports.

PAT is supported by NIL interest expenses.

It would be interesting to see which non-TDI chemical segment is supporting the growth. They did not do any concall last quarter due to management change. Hopefully the new MD will come forward and provide guidance on future outlooks, progress on the capex plans etc.

Overall GNFC continues to do well.


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Did anyone got a chance to attend Concall of Sheela foam? What is their outlook on TDI Prices? TDI has been stable or slightly up in China in last one week.

Acetic acid prices have been crashing from recent top. Current price close to Rs. 4450. Recent peak around Rs. 5100.