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(Aman Jain) #83

Hi guys, does any one have number on what percentage of Future Consumers sales (revenues) come from Future Group owned or operated stores?

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(Vinay) #84

As per there September, '17 presentation Channel wise Sales Mix:
Big Bazar: 53%
Easyday: 11%
Nilgiris: 8%
Aadhar: 2%
Other Modern & General Trade : 26%

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(rvetri) #85

It is currently 65%…and in the reverse, for Future Retail, it is
35%…FR wants to take it to 65% in next 5 yrs… So Future retail will grow
at 20%…and in that growth FCL will get more and more… Multiplier…

(Vinne123) #86

After Jio… if Ambani enters into this what effect will it have on the earnings of Future Consumer

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(naruto) #87

Future Consumer’s margins - There is a steady improvement in the Operating margins and net income margins. (Left most is sep-17 quarter)


Future Retail’s margins. They are also improving. As success of Future Consumer depends largely on Future Retail.


I have a question: How do they decide the margins of Future Consumer? By tweaking Future Consumer margins, there is a possibility to show higher profitability for Future Retail

source: Value Research Online: Future Consumer

Disclosure: Invested from 30 levels

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(Niraj) #88

Sharing a few articles on Future Group Strategy of demerging it’s home retail and e-commerce business early this year and Mr. Biyani’s acquisition business in the retail sector.

Check out the articles.


Here we go again…

After saying that he’s not planning to enter online space or omni channel for least couple of years, Biyani again took U-turn.

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(rvetri) #90

KB is not saying he will enter e-commerce biz… He is saying he will buy
tech cos which will help is logistics and they will be the back end.and he
also said it is going to be a small company…

And yes, he is entering a hybrid e-commerce war…With Amazon… Which is
retail 3.0…

(trancePorter) #91

Credit rating of Future Consumer

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(Vijay) #94

In April Biyani said the private labels will be sold on Amazon and BB. Did anyone notice any product?
I was not able to find a single product on Amazon.

(Vijay) #95

Sadly Morgan Stanley has given projection only until 2020. The management has given 2047 projection to be in the trillion dollars club.

The broking firm expects the food maker and distributor’s operating margins to expand by 470 basis points by March 2020. [/quote]

(yudiagg) #96

Will it be possible for any member to share the Morgan Stanley’s report please.

(arvind.calyx) #97

All we can do is a little google…

(Dragon) #98

Do you trust the projection for 2047? Go back to 2015 and everyone of the analyst, brokerage house were gung ho about pharma but just in a matter of few years pharma boat started rocking.

There will be lot of technological and consumer disruptions which will change entire consumption space and if the management is not able to overcome those then projections will be gone for a toss.

Anyone/company who is going to say after ten years we will be at the top then take it with pinch of salt.In today’s era nobody can forecast for 30 years, At max the visibility will be there for 2 to 4 years.

(Vijay) #99

Absolutely not. How can someone project until 2047? Projecting for 5 years is not easy even for an expert.

(rvetri) #100

Ashni Biyani of Future consumer says, the company will introduce large category products like biscuits and detergents. Says she is targetting revenues of Rs 20,000 crores

(rvetri) #101

Kishore Biyani says - Less advertising is their USP for Future Consumer for higher margins…Says company wants to be a Rs 20,000 Crore company by FY21. And will launch body wash at the cost of soap. And outlines his strategy for the different product lines. And the company will expand with its own cash flows.

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(Gary) #102

This is not quite correct. I have seen their fry fruit range on Amazon and I think I saw the atta company somewhere.