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Future Consumer Enterprises Ltd

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I think they are basically coming from retail background and not a hard-core FMCG background and thus are keen to increase the size of private labels & improve their margins. They haven’t taken a pan-India effort to build their brands in grocery/convenience stores, which requires significant investment in creating pull for the brand i.e. marketing & deep commitment to building a distribution channel. They may have a couple of brands , which could be power brands like HUL but the retail mentality & lack of deep marketing/distribution/innovation capability & average leadership of Ashni Biyani (instead of a competent leader from hardcore FMCG) will limit the growth of Future Consumer to their captive channel i.e. Future Retail

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Do you have any supporting data for this, Today share price increased by 7%.
Today, I read the last quarter results, document looks so much attractive, Please can someone suggest drawbacks of this company.

Quarter results

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Amazon’s Future Retail deal goes beyond tackling Flipkart

The articles clearly states thats amazon wants its presence in offline market in future.

I wanted understand if FCL has the potential to get acquired in future? Will the acquisition of Future retail have any impact on the sales of FCL products ?

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Looking at their product portfolio it seems they are keen on making Tasty Treat as their flagship product in the Category.

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Q3 FY19 result seems to be mixed…moderate growth and moving towards profitability.Can experts please provide your analysis…

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this is 5 month old news …

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All one hears is what Future is aiming for, trying for and looking for.

Aspiring is good when one has a track record of performance. Future consumer has none.

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Exactly my sentiments.

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Sales has been growing . So they have acceptance in market. It takes a lot to counter hul, Nestlé & ITC. They are integrated play with retail access. Strategy seems right it is market share to decide where it goes.

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Accept. But 20000 crore revenue by 2022 is an impossible feat … which almost more than 70% CAGR - YOY … The share holders will have trust in the company only when they give meaningful forecast and march towards it … Future consumer’s forecast is still only on papers …It is a great feat if they achieve half of the target itself … But, management has to openly say what they can achieve …

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