Freshtrop Fruits Ltd

(Harshad Mehta) #144

Wonder if the company is really geared to launch the RTD. It’s an all together different ball game.

Would like views and comments from experienced boarders. Looking for an opportune time to invest.

(rvetri) #145

Harshad…My suggestion…The current prices does reflect the doubt if
Freshtrop will succeed in the RTD market…When markets are somewhat
certain,the discounting will become very big…And you may decide not to buy
due to valuation. Just my thoughts…

Disc: Invested from lower levels…Views can be taken as biased…

(Krishnendu) #146

ITC is also having ambitious plan to increase their market share in B Natural . It might come as a bitter sweet for Freshtrop since they are the pulp supplier to them but now making an entry to RTD it will face tough competition from ITC since they are having 60,000 retailers in their distribution network.

(J2EE Professional) #147

i believe they were already doing it for last few yrs…atleast in the form of company ITC had acquired…

(arvind.calyx) #148

I don’t know to invest or not, by looking at the chart of this stock, any views? Such huge variations ?

(J2EE Professional) #149

not sure, what you mean by variation but if you are looking at charts to make a decision then one should be aware of what is consolidation and breakout. I believe i had mentioned how it had broken out a few days back. After such strong and prolonged consolidation this kind of violent reaction is expected and bullish for long term too.

(arvind.calyx) #150

Well I would have thought that there is long term growth but looking at charts and quarterly/yearly results, I am not assured of it yet:

Yearly results says no growth since 3 years so does the chart, so to digest the upmove in the stock, need to see results on paper.

(J2EE Professional) #151

i am not sure if you are aware of the recent developments. This is a re-rating because of that. by the time the numbers start reflecting that, the charts could be very different. Not to say that it will only go up… but there is now more traction to upside than downside and any consolidation will actually be accumulation. I would suggest you to read the thread.

(Krishnendu) #152

This seems an excellent opportunity for the sector . Need to look forward how much Freshtrop can grab.

(Krishnendu) #153

I guess that will certainly have some impact on the company …

(Krishnendu) #154

An older but detail article about their Customer Orientation process I found in the internet.

(ravish) #156

It is 2 year old publication please justify you posting. What do u want to say? By just posting link without any subject or preface it is not going to help anyone here.

(Krishnendu) #157

Seems like a big push by the Govt in this sector. But yet to identify how much Freshtrop can leverage it ?

(Krishnendu) #158

Hi ,

Is there any update on the RTD launch from the management which they supposed to launch in 30th Nov.

(django) #159

Cause for concern.

(J2EE Professional) #160

Annoucement regarding RTD beverage launch.

(Krishnendu) #161

A big plus for Freshtrop in today’s budget.

Allocation for food processing is doubled.

Also increase in custom duty of imported fruit juices.

(J2EE Professional) #162

anyone from pune who has tasted this beverage. Freshtrop is saying the product is soft launched in pune according to this.

(Krishnendu) #163

They have mentioned that it’s a soft launch so I guess it will now only be available to few distributors for testing and feedback . So I don’t think anyone would have tested it yet.

(Krishnendu) #164

Any idea why the Food Processing segment revenue has fallen to 50% qoq for the Dec 2017 quarter?