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In case this Ey research report was not explored

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Hello friends would like to know Indian listed companies in cyber security I searched but unable to find I think cyber security will be next big thing.


Try Quick Heal tech in which Mr. Damani is invested.

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Cyber security is fraught with many challenges. Big listed companies in the
US are struggling. FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, etc.

Please read this:


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Yes it’s going to be the next big thing, but there is only one concern that I have about the industry.

  1. It’s will be very person specific, to grow the business you will have have to hire manpower proportionally. And once the manpower gets enough experience, they will be offered better jobs abroad. So not the kind of business with incremental profits. Also no moat.

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Also no moat

Would disagree on this point; there is a ‘round about’ moat.


We live in a highly suspicious age; in this context GoI favors a ‘made in India’ product, which is a moat; the moat will continue to exist as long as the government exists. This is no recommendation to buy QuickHeal. Generally, once the government chooses a product, it will stick with it as it is cumbersome to change and expensive. The key would be zero in on a particular listed entity which has a chance of being contracted by the government (ie the product is robust, continuously up-to mark).


Fantastic results by Cambridge Tech again on small base though.

Q2 Sales up 64%yoy, EBT up 213% yoy while higher taxes cut EPS growth which is up 32% yoy. They seem largely on track for $2m monthly revenue run rate by March 2017.

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The 32% profit increase is because of higher profit last year due to a tax write back. If you remove that then the profit jump is significant.


Yes, even H1 EBT has tripled.

Disc: Invested and has 5%.allocation.

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Does anyone have any idea about Quik Heal ?

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Dear Mr.Mehul,

Gone through AR of Mold Tek Technologies. Appears to be pure engineering services outsourcing company ( pre dominantly in structural engineering) with least exposure to IT. Company is headed by team of professionals. But the growth rate is muted. Have you done further analysis ?.



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Elon Musk agrees -

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Hi Siva

Their core business is BPO for engineering due to parent company. However recently, in last 2-3 years they have built a capability in Salesforce which is one of the leading CRM software. They are partnering with Salesforce and providing solution for Salesforce on cloud.
This could be a game changer. They are expanding, recently they have open up delivery centers in Visakhapatnam and Pune.
Though the script is on my radar, not tracking is closely.
Awaiting to see positive changes in numbers.