Demergers & Rights Issues - Where to get lists of upcoming demergers

(Chandra) #23

Arvind to demerge apparel, engineering.
Not Sure the record date is announced for this or not.

([email protected]) #24

Aditya birla will be clear beneficial

Added today at 175

(benderstratocaster) #25

Prakash Industries to demerge its PVC pipes business.

(benderstratocaster) #26

Mercator to demerge their dredging business.

(benderstratocaster) #27

Talwalkars to demerge their gym business:{018C4754-2E3F-4A2C-9B12-945123483C2C}&noticeno=20180320-9&dt=03/20/2018&icount=9&totcount=9&flag=0