Delta Corp - A huge but risky opportunity

(nikhil465) #123

My worry is the quantum of loans given as a percentage of net profits,

  1. FY16: Net Profit Rs.38.22 cr, Loan given Rs.12.61 cr (33% of profits)
  2. FY17: Net Profit Rs.73.75 cr, Loan given Rs.13.97 cr (19% of profits)

Also if the JV continues to be in losses, how will it ever repay the loan to Delta Corp.

Waiting for FY18 numbers to see if Delta Corp has again given loans to FCSPL this year.

(Mahesh) #124

Now that we have flights to Sikkim Airport, will we see an uptick in footfalls to the Sikkim casino? CMP factoring this in already?


Sikkim is a small ops to make any big difference. Yes, it is incrementally positove.

(phreak) #126

Looks to be breaking down from a H&S pattern.

Disc: Exited in the last couple of weeks.

(ashish agarwal) #127

The businesses is realted considering invitation given to HNI customers for increase in business

(Marathondreams) #128

It seems Mr. Parrikar’s return would bring clarity to the new tax regulation related to Casinos in Goa

Stock price woke up from slumber and went up today by 7%!

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