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Add to this, the no of branches for both Canfin and Gruh are more or less the same. Abt 170.


In the analyst call, towards the end, when asked if Canfin would go beyond lending to individuals, Mr.Hota mentioned that they are now looking into developer financing as it is regulated now under RERA. And infact they are specifically looking at a RERA approved project. Guess they are taking calculated risk, which I guess is a good sign.

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Canfin also talked about issue in Tamil nadu property registration, which being an important State for them. I expect the worst is behind them and numbers will only get better for them, quarter on quarter.


As the stock price has fallen consideranly, it would be interesting to see what GIC Singapore (Caladium Investments) would do now as they bought 13.5% stake at Rs. 420 (pre split price of Rs. 2100).



Does this relentless fall in stock price make any sense to anyone? :slight_smile:
Or is this what they call as over-sell?

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Over sell for sure. Don’t know where it will stop, but can easily say that in time ahead the stock would be considerably above even it’s last peak.

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The fall has been relentless since 25th Oct. Two quarters of low growth is being punished a lot or may be sector rotation. All HFC stocks are declining now. Typically during Q3/Q4 it becomes weak touches 52w low and then zooms again. The problem in this market is opportunity cost. Only when Jan (Q3) results are out- if there is good loan growth it could start upmove again. Fingers crossed till then



I guess Canara Robeco MF has started buying Canfin shares. As per Q2 FY18 SHP, they had 1.86 lakh shares of Canfin. But based on what I see in this Motilal Oswal site, it has increased to 6.6 lakh shares (although there is no date mentioned for the transactions, the FUND buying section showed 1.7 lakh shares under Canara Robeco just a couple of days ago).


This looks like the effect of share split and not buying. The new holding has mostly become 5 times of the earlier holding. Infact, there could be some sale of shares by Canara Robeco Emerging Equities.


Yes, I think you are right. In the attached pic, except for line 2, the remaining figures are multiples of 5 (19750 = 3950*5)

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The stock is in a clear downtrend since its June top. I think the chances of the company bouncing back are good, but, for the moment, it makes me feel better to stay out of the stock than fight the trend.


Good news for the likes of Canfin homes…as they are into MIG segment

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Does that explain yesterday’s stock price boost at 3:10pm? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Canfin Homes interviewed here.

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For the benefit of non-hindi speakers like me, could someone translate anything significant that Mr. Hota had to say in the CNBC interview? Thanks.

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Nothing new he told. Just repeated the stuff.

He was asked about if increasing carpet area would help and the answer he gave was yes.
And then questioned about slowing growth in loan book, which he answered in same was as quaterly conf call that is dnt compare pre demonatization and pre rera period growth with current period. Just look at sequential numbers for last year Q4 and this years Q1 and Q2.
Rest he is postive about future growth.


In english today in CNBC TV18… Does anyone know how these interviews are organized in general - Does the company management request for an interview with such channels OR the channels reach out to companies? I can understand the channels will reach out to big established names, but how about smaller ones?


Canara bank board approves divestment in non-core assets, including the stake in Canfin Homes… this is interesting in the context of canfin homes’ fund raising plans via rights issue.


The calendar year 2018 would bring clarity about the long-term prospects of this company. Let’s see who adopts this baby.