Beardsell Limited

(sri krishna bhutra) #21

Anyone attending AGM tomorrow?


Disclosure: Tracking quantity

(Prasad India) #22

Share capital has increased from 4.68 to 5.62cr. Is this any red flag??

(sri krishna bhutra) #23

No, It is due to bonus. No red flag there.

(sri krishna bhutra) #24

I had written to the Company Secretary to know why the performance was down in Q1 FY18. I was surprised to get an instant reply from the MD.

The reason for poor performance was attributed to massive de-stocking at the company’s customers due to GST roll out which they did not expect.

I feel that this is one off event and the story is yet to unfold. Couldn’t attend the AGM. Would be happy to hear from others.


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Beardsell board meeting outcome link. Good read


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Link for investor presentation

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Beardshell business looks interesting, but does anyone have any knowledge of their competitors and how easy it is to get into this business ?

Not Invested.

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Since Steel (CR and HR) has gone up around 25% in last one year so this would be bad news for any company using steel and not able to pass on benefits to their customers.

I think beardsell will fit in that group. So I expect big margin impact in coming quarters…

(pranav1980) #29

Given the confidence which the mgmt has been guiding for growth in AR & ppt, I think they could very well give a positive surprise.

Competitors like Pennar and Kirby India have done reasonably in the past and Beardsell has expertise - Marketing seems to be gearing up.

(onlish2014) #30

With reference to this video ‘interview’ of Mr Bharat Anumolu: whike the promoter does sound fairly confident, this entire video does seem like a ‘buy my stock’ promotion. Seems it was published in April /May 2017. Trying to separate hype from reality and would like to especially invite comments from oubting Thomas’ out there.

Disc. : added small quantities for tracking in Sep 2017

(eyesice) #31

Agreed that demonetisation and GST had adverse impact, but doesn’t a 90 % YoY loss in EBITDA show that they have absolutely no pricing power? Or that they can’t sell things on credit.

  • Who are the other competitors in the prefab panels? What is the general reliability of building houses using prefab panels?
  • Apart from the Housing for all and other proposed Government schemes, is there any demand for technology like Quik Build?
  • I can see from their website that they have showcased some projects + model houses using Quik Build technology. Are these their own projects or have they built them for other private construction companies? If so, who are the private companies to which they cater these prefab panels?
  • In their latest investor presentation, they have highlighted that they have got orders till now for 10 Cr from private and Govt orders. Is there any info on who are the private players to which they cater to?

Humble request to fellow veterans to kindly provide inputs to my above queries.