Balasore Alloys

(Deepen Thakkar) #30

I think management is sounding ultra conservative and don’t want to build huge expectations . I believe we can see Fy18 eps of 130/140 which was 95 last year .

(Ram Arvin) #31

@sougataroy…Still you hold this stock…any idea what is the fecr price agreed for FY18 Q2

(sougataroy) #32

Prices have gone up to 83,000 levels.

(sougataroy) #33

Dolly Khanna has a position in the stock as per the AR. She owns around 2 Lakh shares, 0.23% of the company as of March 31, 2017

(rsnavale) #34

(Mukesh Amar) #35

No holdings.

(abhi2525) #36

The company has clarified that no assets have been attached in latest BSE notification. What’s happening here?

(Harsh04) #37

Balasore alloys investor presentation.pdf (2.8 MB)

March 2018 Investor Presentation.

(Harsh04) #38

Balasore alloys to be fined for Rs. 3 billion

(Salman_kn99) #39

Why 63% of Promoters shares has been pledged in Dec 2018? Anybody has idea???