Balasore Alloys

(Deepen Thakkar) #30

I think management is sounding ultra conservative and don’t want to build huge expectations . I believe we can see Fy18 eps of 130/140 which was 95 last year .

(Ram Arvin) #31

@sougataroy…Still you hold this stock…any idea what is the fecr price agreed for FY18 Q2

(sougataroy) #32

Prices have gone up to 83,000 levels.

(sougataroy) #33

Dolly Khanna has a position in the stock as per the AR. She owns around 2 Lakh shares, 0.23% of the company as of March 31, 2017

(rsnavale) #34

(Mukesh Amar) #35

No holdings.

(abhi2525) #36

The company has clarified that no assets have been attached in latest BSE notification. What’s happening here?

(Harsh04) #37

Balasore alloys investor presentation.pdf (2.8 MB)

March 2018 Investor Presentation.

(Harsh04) #38

Balasore alloys to be fined for Rs. 3 billion

(Salman_kn99) #39

Why 63% of Promoters shares has been pledged in Dec 2018? Anybody has idea???

(Raj A A) #40

Appellate Tribunal upheld the appeal filed by BAL that ED attachment order has no relevance on BAL

(Ram Arvin) #41

Any industry expert, can you please comment on the ferro chrome prices and how the outlook looks for BAL in next few years…Acq of business in Zimbabwe, ED order to pay fines and Fecr prices…