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Avanti and Page were the top 2 winning ideas. the other 10 finalists are ( not in any order )

  1. Garware-wall
  2. Manappuram
  3. Sterlite Tech
  4. Wonderla
  5. Natco
  6. NESCO
  7. Motherson
  8. Capital first
  9. Amararajaj
  10. Maruti

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Answering my own question as
I could locate the news describing the contest. page industries is other winner in top 3 institute. The link below lists other finalist ideas.

https ://indiaeducationdiary.in/motilal-oswal-amc-iim-ahmedabad-organizes-indias-biggest-stock-picking-contest/

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Seafood export value from India is expected to grow by 41 per cent this year, or USD 2.3 billion, encouraged by an abundant vannamei shrimp harvest, according to a report by Globefish, a unit within the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

The report, which analyses the seafood market situation until June 2017, states that amid growing uncertainties in the seafood trade, India is expected to be the standout performer in 2017, along with Chile.

These forecasts offer certain relief to exporters from India at a time when the European Union (EU), the third largest market, is contemplating a complete ban on Indian shrimp imports over quality issues, Business Standard reported.

In the case of Chile, a combination of a recovery in salmon harvest volumes and the high price level for salmon products will equate to a projected rise of USD 1.6 billion, marking a rise of 30 per cent, in export value.
On the imports side, Globefish report outlines that both developed and developing markets are expected to perform well in 2017.

Significant import growth is forecast for the South East Asian emerging markets in particular, while the traditional “big three” comprising the United States (US), EU and Japan will all see a boost in seafood demand due to improving economic conditions.

Driven by robust demand growth worldwide, a substantial proportion of global production will be exported. The value of world trade in fish and fishery products is expected to increase by a projected 5.8 per cent to USD 150.9 billion in 2017.

As per an earlier report of FAO, India had emerged as the largest exporter of shrimps in the world by exporting 438,500 tonnes in 2016, marking a 14.5 per cent increase over the last year.

The top five shrimp exporters to the international market in 2016 were India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Indonesia and Thailand.


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Can anyone post the full article here ? I have exhausted my 30 days limit

Big Prawn boss sees customers urging move away from Indian shrimp

By Neil Ramsden Oct. 5, 2017 07:14 BST
DUBLIN, Ireland – UK retail and foodservice – customers of shellfish importer and processor Big Prawn Co. – have begun requesting a shift away from sourcing farmed Indian shrimp, said managing director Will Rash


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DUBLIN, Ireland – UK retail and foodservice – customers of shellfish importer and processor Big Prawn Co. – have begun requesting a shift away from sourcing farmed Indian shrimp, said managing director Will Rash.

Speaking at the Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) conference in Dublin, Ireland, Rash warned that while the debate over whether or not the EU would move to ban Indian shrimp, over apparent concerns at antibiotic traces – the debate alone was enough to cause concerns.

“One thing we can agree on is that this debate is not good for the sector,” he said. “I trust my Indian suppliers, we test their produce and find it’s perfectly fine. But I have customers telling me to get out of India now.”

The market is beginning to fall into the trap of believing a blanket scenario across all suppliers in the country, he said.

“You can be sure the EU will do what it feels it has to — we won’t be able to influence it. So the sensible business will be assuming [a ban on Indian shrimp] could happen, and will be moving away from a dependence on that country.”

He confirmed that Big Prawn has indeed done the same.

A key issue too is the timing of this debate arising, Rash told Undercurrent News. The Christmas rush for shrimp imports is just about under way, a key time for huge quantity orders.

“Arranging new supplies and sources is simple enough, but takes a long time — time you don’t have when you’re looking to supply for the holidays,” he said.

He also noted that the last major harvests of 2017 are under way in the key producer nations. “If Indian shrimp is suddenly banned from entering the EU then you run the risk of being unable to bring in any more until the next harvests – so, perhaps May next year.”

This will also depend on how the EU would enact any potential ban; would it arrange for a phasing-in period, so that shipments on the water could arrive, be inspected and delivered as usual? Or would it be an immediate cut-off?

The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Ian Shone, hosting the retail sourcing panel at GOAL, noted what many UK importers will be feeling: talking about any potential ban is an odd situation, given the very low rate of any instances of antibiotics or chemicals in Indian shrimp reaching the UK.

Blanket measures, supposedly based on EU concerns at antibiotics in farmed shrimp, were imposed almost this time last year; these measures were a move from the inspection of 10% of Indian imports at EU ports, to 50%.

The views of UK importers then no doubt apply still, as a possible ban on all Indian shrimp hangs over the sector.

As Allen Townsend of Iceland Seafood UK told Undercurrent at that time: "The factory in India that we work closely with has four BAP [Best Aquaculture Practice] stars, is BRC [British Retail Consortium] certified, and it’s being treated in exactly the same way as any factories without those.”

One source, preferring to remain anonymous, speaking this time last year said he suspected the EU’s decision was a “rap on the knuckles” for India’s Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) and EIC, or Export Inspection Council. These sentiments have been mentioned by sources again as the EU apparently considers an outright ban.

“We’ve seen this before – the EU requested that all consignments from Indonesia were tested, to send a message over their sampling techniques,” he said at that time. “I suspect this is to send a message to MPEDA – to have exporters there put pressure on them and make sure the whole system adheres to the EU’s requirements.”

Speaking elsewhere at the conference, Global Aquaculture Alliance president George Chamberlain said India had exported 434,484 metric tons of shrimp in 2016-17, and in 2017 total farmed output is likely to exceed 600,000t, valued at $6 billion.

‘Staring at a ban’

Rahul Kulkarni, director with India’s Westcoast Group, on Sept. 8 confirmed the Indian industry and government were “in the thick of meetings and discussions” around the topic of a potential ban.

“We are really worried over the eventuality of the EU banning Indian seafood imports. It’s more geo-political than actual quality issues, but the sector is suffering and now staring at the ban,” he said.

EU teams are scheduled to visit and audit several plants in the coming months, and the hope is this should allay fears and allow trade to normalize, Kulkarni said.

“The government and the industry has taken this seriously, and a slew of measures have been planned as well as some implemented.”

The Indian shrimp industry has been increasing monitoring of its shrimp exports as it prepares for a visit from an EU delegation in November, Ravi Kumar Yellanki, managing director at Vaisakhi Bio-Resources, told Undercurrent at the recent Aqua Expo Guayaquil in Ecuador.

Contact the author [email protected]

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Anyone have information that how much contribution EU Market makes in Avanti’s business ?

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Any EU ban will have some immediate trade implication too, so reading from the article, they may go for 100% inspection as they have done for Thailand.

I am sure given the large market India has, EU will think twice before imposing blanket ban.

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Thanks a lot @puneetagarwal

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August 2017 USA import from India, figure out. Little muted wrt July 2017. But still India almost 1/3 rd of USA’s total August import ( 61902)

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  • 22,829 MT of shrimp export from India to U.S. in Aug '17 - highest absolute monthly number by India
  • Healthy growth numbers in Aug’ 17 - up 10% YoY (on a very high base)
  • In CY17 - U.S. shrimp consumption up by 9%; India export up by 45%

Source: https://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/apex/f?p=169:2:::NO:::

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Manappuram Finance
Page Industries
Motherson Sumi
Avanti Feeds
Capital First
Garware Wall Ropes
Amara Raja Batteries
Natco Pharma
Maruti Suzuki
Wonderla Holidays
Sterlite Technologies


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The valuations are scary, but when Pharma companies stared MAKING IN RUPEES AND SELLING IN DOLLARS, their values shot through the roof. A similar theme is evidenced here based on the graphs and charts for exports posted by other esteemed members of the forum here. As long as it is able to earn dollars by sowing rupees, the premiums are justified until another major producer like Ecuador or somebody else starts achieving the same scale and low cost. USA has a lot to gain by partnering with India in trade. In fact recently, they are even shipping crude oil to India. And being a give-and-take, they need us for buying the products and as a market for their companies to invest and sell their products in. Hence, USA won’t disturb India and China too much by erecting entry barriers to our produce is my humble opinion. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

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I also have the same concern - although I already have bought into Avanti.
The point to note is all the hullabaloo in Avanti started after Q4FY17 results and then it was accelerated by Q1FY18 results.
I have decided to wait and see if the company can maintain such good results in Q2FY18 and, then Q3FY18.

Further, this is what Mohnish Pabrai has said in one of his talks on how to ride a 100-bagger:
“So what I have learned is that don’t sell the compounders when they get fully priced and don’t sell the compounders when they get overpriced. Only sell the compounders when it’s absolutely obvious to you that it’s egregiously priced.”

My 2 cents.

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Law Of Gravity - any thing rises too high falls too worst !! It’s matter of time and your patience to buy at discount to fair value. History repeats but investors has short memory !

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Sharing some data on 2 of Avanti’s peer firms.

  1. Came across the credit rating report of CPF (India) Private Limited (Unlisted peer of Avanti). As per the rationale report (Dated-April 11, 2017) CP seems to be loosing market share in feed business. (Please see the below image). You can read the entire rating rationale [here](https://www.icra.in/web/viewer.html?file=/Rationale/GetRationaleFile/34803~CPF%20(India%20-R-11042017%20(R).pdf#page=1&zoom=auto,-17,792).

  2. Sharat Industries Ltd is another player who is involved in hatchery, feed and processing of shrimp. It reported a 36% y-o-y drop in its feed sales (FY17: 44 Cr vs FY16: 68.4 Cr) and a 47% y-o-y growth in shrimp processing segment (FY17: 102 Cr vs FY16: 69 Cr).
    [Source: AR 2017]

Yogansh Jeswani

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Have come to my home town (Amalapuram) in Andhra Pradesh on some personal work. I have met up with a retailer of aqua feed business. Few data points he shared are as below:

a) Many large farmers in the area have shifted from their traditional crops to aqua farms. With an initial investment of INR 10 mln, many of them made 2-3 times of their investment in a 2-3 year time frame (have also personally went around and saw this. Previously I have never seen such large acres of aqua farms). Apparently, in some of the regions, people are experiencing a change in taste of ground water. They are attributing this change to increased aqua farming! ( do not know the technical details to verify this claim). All in all, i realized, aqua farming is being taken up in a very big way in this region due to good returns, favorable operating conditions.

b) farmers with large acreage specifically ask for Avanti brand from retailer. Reason being, an established and trusted brand for many years. At the retailer level, other players are offering a higher margin to push their product. But Avanti volumes remain high due to pull from the customer. I have noticed that, many shops prominently display that Avanti brand is sold in their shop.

c) Next 3 months is almost going to be a lean period for the business. First 9 months has been a busy period.

I have been trying to schedule a meeting with a farmer but due to incessant rains in the region unable to meet. Hopefully will be able to meet tomorrow, before i leave. Will update the forum.

discl: invested in avanti and hence biased views. Pls do your own due diligence, before investing in Avanti.

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Thanks @sarmams for the update. Much appreciated

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Rajahmundry: As the state government expects nearly Rs 17,000 crore revenue through shrimp exports in this fiscal years, it is streamlining norms for aquaculture to get rid of usage of banned antibiotics by carrying out a series of raids the industries and bringing out an awareness drive among all stakeholders to adopt good culture practice in the state.

With the state government issuing G.O. No. 2 in January to regulate the usage of banned antibiotics in aquaculture, task force committees have plunged into action.

AP exports huge quantity of shrimps to the European Union, the USA, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia among other countries. Out of total exports from India, AP accounts for 45 per cent share. As detection of antibiotic residues in shrimps affects exports, the Coastal Aquaculture Authority has imposed ban on 20 antibiotics or pharmacologically active substances and notified their maximum permissible residual limits to be used in aquaculture.

In the last 10 to 15 days, district level task force committees (TFCs) comprising senior officials from fisheries, drugs control administration, food safety, revenue, police, MPEDA and other stakeholders, have been carrying out a series of raids on aqua-industries and picked up samples on banned antibiotics being sold all over the state. In East Godavari alone, the task force committees have seized four antibiotics and sent the samples for analysis to the lab belonged to Drugs Control Administration in Vijayawada. The analysis report for one suspected banned antibiotics found to be normal so far.

The state government expresses concern over abuse of antibiotics. Fisheries department joint director P. Koteswara Rao said, “We have been carrying out raids on aqua-industries to see that no banned antibiotics are being sold to farmers to use them in shrimp culture. We are also taking up awareness drive among the stakeholders about the impact of of antibiotics aqua culture.”

Unfair practice

State Apex Committee comprising minister for health, APIIC chairman, MPEDA chairman and others to recommend to state government to bring out a legislation to impose strict guidelines for aqua culture to tap international market and earn huge revenue.
After AP, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat also export shrimps to overseas and they too are taking up a similar exercise to avoid usage of banned antibiotics in aqua culture.
Task Force Committees (TFCs) are entrusted with the task to ensure sale of aqua grade drugs registered with Coastal Aquaculture Authority and avoid sale of veterinary grade drugs.
TFCs can impose penalty worth Rs 25,000 for first offence and Rs 50,000 for second offence including cancellation of licence of aqua shop.
Tags: coastal aquaculture authority, drugs control administration, task force committees, aqua culture, antibiotic

It is good AP Govt has taken it up on priority basis

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A bit of disconcerting news on shrimp farming.

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This has been the elephant in the room
And I think This is a good development for the industry as a whole. Shows that it is maturing