Automated Stock Analyzer

(Pattabiraman M) #21

Works fine for me. Not a problem with Excel. Could be a firewall issue if done from work.

(Srinivasan Sundaram) #22

I had to close thrice and restart… Pl try the full cycle and check

(Pattabiraman M) #23

Sorry. I am pretty sure - checked a couple of stocks before responding. Has nothing to do with closing and opening. The VBA error is a sign that the site is not opening via Excel. Seen that in other users.

(Srinivasan Sundaram) #24


It’s working fine. Thanks.

(Srinivasan Sundaram) #25


Was trying to evaluate MPS. ROE is highly distorted due to very high ROE between 2007 to 2009. Valuation seems to be unrealistic. format is not supported for upload. Pl check

(Pattabiraman M) #26

If it is not an excel error, I cannot help you. I neither invest in stocks nor do I understand valuation. Only know that valuation may not work all the time and heavily depends on inputs.

(Anupam) #28

Dear Pattu,

Appreciate the humongous effort & super skills. Would request you to add few more graphs which could further make the analyser attractive and insightful. Just a suggestion :smile:

Quarterly or yearly EVA (economic value add), Intrinsic value graph- Flashback & Forecast

Let me know if this sounds doable or impractical.

Nevertheless- thanks again for such wonderful stuff !!

(ateek.balesaria) #29

Very nice workkkk !!!

(Pattabiraman M) #30

Thank you. I only have a beginner-level academic interest in stocks so I am not familiar with the terms you have mentioned. Would you mind sending me some relevant links on these? Thanks.

(Anupam) #31

EVA Basics

EVA Example.xls (177.5 KB)

By Intrinsic value- i mean a section which clearly shows valuation/share by graham, dividend growth, PE, DCF in one place so that a range of valuations can be seen…eg. airtel valuation range 250 to 350 per share against current price of 320…something like this

(Pattabiraman M) #32

Many thanks. Will take this up.

(Pattabiraman M) #33

Note: Value Research has made it necessary to login to see returns. Therefore, please do the following:

Open blank excel
Select Data in the menu
Click get external data and then from web
A browser window will open and there will annoying script error messages. Dismiss them.
Then Go to VR online in that window and go to main page. There will annoying messages. Dismiss them.
Click on login. If you are not able to do so. Stop the page from downloading and then click
Login with your email (preferable) and click on remember me.
Now you can exit the browser window and start using the screener. It should work fine now.

(Pattabiraman M) #34

Update: The 10th version of the automated stock analyzer includes an easy-to-understand graphical analysis of the factors that drive return on equity (ROE) using the five-step Dupont Analysis.

(edwardlobo) #35

Thats indeed a very userful tool you have created ! many thanks

(Srikanth) #36

Hi it’s an interesting tool I would like to know how data is downloaded from morning star automatically. Is it possible to share info to [email protected]

(Pattabiraman M) #37

The sheet is open source If you know VBA, is should easy enough to track how it is done;

(Pankaj181) #38

Hi Pratush ,
Could you plzz mail me the whole Research Report on Kitex I wanted to learn Equity Research Process. Actually I will be using it as my Bible .

Thank You

(Andre Vilas Boas) #39

@pattu Sir, which is the link from where I can download the latest version of the Stock Analyzer, is it the link you provided in your first comment ?

(sunnysachdeva) #40


you can find them at

(Pattabiraman M) #41

Thanks @sunnysachdeva That is V9. I have included Dupont analysis in V10: Automated Return on Equity Analysis with the Dupont Formula