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So Auro will have to pay back the FCCB by converting the bond - or if the stock price is like that, by repaying the debt (at a higher $ rate). That’s worst than high interest rate I guess.

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Aurobindo Pharma stock rated ‘Buy’ by Jefferies, says key launches make for a good start to FY18

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Hike in stake by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala of Aurobindo Pharma shows time is ripe to be contrarian

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20170810_Aurobindo-Pharma-Limited_27_QuarterUpdate.pdf (603.7 KB)

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Nice weekend Read

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Thank you. Missed it. Good article for keeping hope alive in small investors. Was not aware that Aurobindo manufactured so many of its own components

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I’m missing the point here - is the article trying to say that Aurobindo is getting more approvals because they are well integrated and able to manufacturer at lower cost? That can’t be. right!

Aurobindo does seem to have some momentum in terms of new approvals but I don’t know what the reason for that is. Is it providence, better R&D focus, partnerships . Unless one knows that, it is difficult to ascertain whether the current upsurge is likely to continue.

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Investor presentation Q2 2018.
Results seems impressive in otherwise depressed Pharma sector

Is increased debt a concern ?

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“The company posted positive sales growth in the US, EU and emerging markets, but this did not translate into strong profit as gross margins and EBITDA margins were weaker than expected, according to Credit Suisse analysts.” quote from an article in the Hindu Businessline. Here is the link

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**20171110_Aurobindo-Pharma-Limited_55_QuarterUpdate.pdf (563.7 KB)

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100+ pts down in 3 trading session that too after good Q2 numbers.
Is there any information missing ?

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**Strong growth in key markets; maintain Buy TP 1030Aurobindo_Pharma-22112017.pdf (349.3 KB)

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Aurobindo is making money when all the other pharma companies are sufferings

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There’s something here I cant quite understand.
Share holding pattern as on Dec 31 shows that SBI Arbitrage Opportunities fund owns 1.08 Crore shares.

Now this is a big figure for an arbitrage fund. 650 crores position on just one share? esp when there’s a monthly turnover
The entire AUM of SBI Arbitrage opportunities fund is 1268 crores.

If i look at portfolio holding from SBI’s side they just show 1.4% weighting and ownership of 2 lakh shares

So what’s going on?

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  1. Check the holding of SBI Arbitrage fund from the source.
  2. If the mismatch is real write to both SBI fund and Aurobindo Pharma for explanation of discrepancy.
  3. If you do not get answer write to Exchanges. You may also write to regulator, if need be.