Amulya Leasing- Apollo Pipe Story

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Settlement as on 1st jan,2018 , hence will be reflected in March '18 shp.

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PM me ur mail id. I will send u this report.

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Supreme ind has taken price hikes for Pipes and fittings since Dec’17 due to rise in input cost. This would lead to some inventory gains for all the players too in the coming qtr. Also in the clustered market where the pricing is decided by biggies will lead to benefit to other small players like Apollo Pipes.

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Hi Parth,

Apparently the forum doesn’t allow me to PM you. Any other alternative to provide the email id for the report.


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UPDATE : Company has commenced the commercial production at its new unit located at
Ahmedabad,Gujarat. DTD 04.04.18

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HOBER MALLOW TRUST brought 59307 shares at rs 580/- through bulk deal.

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Any negative news on PVC industry as such ? I read some tweets but dint get the full info or update what is it. Appreciate any inputs. Thank you in advance.


There is a lobby trying to ban lead based stabilizer used in PVC . Ministry is planning to phase out use of lead based stabilizers and wants warning printed on pipes that it contains lead (poisonous substances) This info could be accessed from data base on parliamentary questions, Feb 2018.

This throws 2 possibilities:

  • Shift to non-Lead based stabilizers - Advantage Vikas Ecotech
  • Shift to use of DI pipes. Disadvantage PVC. However, this is not an easy fix. Just a near term tailwind.

More study needed to understand full impact. Too early to get an idea of the impact.

Am attaching a document for more info: - A white paper on Lead - Poisoning India’s
food & water supply chain

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Thank you much for your swift response. Glancing over the white paper and also some articles on Internet, it appears to be an issue only with the use of stabalizers and not the PVC/CPVC products as such. It also talks about need for replacing LBS ( lead ) with that if Vinyl. If anything, I found this positive for organized players and more of a concern with cheap quality unorganized PVC pipes. Is that a fair assessment ?
On a side note, I am getting my new construction house being made here in the U.S and I see CPVC Pipes are being used for plumbing by the builder.

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Apollo Pipes "Only addresses PVC solutions, not metal products. Does not have CPVC, which is
regulated for health safety reasons in these two verticals (higher lead content)."
Excerpt from Phillip Capital report on Apollo Pipes.