Alphageo - Creating Seismic Waves

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Yup… Alphageo is trading at 5 forward p/e at the moment. And has two years to grab more contracts before it runs out of work …

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I wonder what the concerns are on Alphageo? Is it the low oil prices? In a bull market like this why is this stock trading at trailing 10x and 1 year forward 5x?

(Raj) #130

Future orders post FY19 is a major worry.

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Kindly also share your thoughts behind sharing of this doc with the community.

(Tanveer) #133

I agree after 2 years picture is not clear but they have a strong order book from ongc and onward quater company is going to give good results and they have a some moat on technical ability…So in near term Alphageo is going rock…

(Raj) #134

Alphageo result for Q1 FY18 is out. Market fear has come true about the Q1being subdued due to early onset of monsoon.

The result is on BSE:

Business development portion of the press release explains the slowdown due to early monsoon as well as new tender where the company has participated.

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Thanks for sharing the info.

Any idea about how the company does the billing / invoicing., as it is a single large order spanning execution period of 3 -4 years ?
Where do the sales, expenses & Net profit come from ? Does ONGC accept partial quarterly billing ?

(TT) #136

Invoicing is typically milestone based for such contracts.

(chikspat) #137

Any information available for amount of order for which company bid as said in this quarter result? Now any further visibility beyond 2019 is like catalyst to start reaction to earnings.

(Venkatesh) #138

PAT up 97% YoY

(Tanveer) #139

anybody tell whats wrong with Alphageo…why not going up and no demand even though they have a good result and strong book order for next 2-3 year…

(Chirag2015) #140

Lack of order visibility. Markets seems to be more concerned about the long term future and is ignoring near/medium term visibility. Ironically, Asian Oil field, which is a related company, surged 10% today on account of an order win despite much weaker fundamentals.

(hamed) #141

Baffling to me that 100% growth company available at less than 10 PE and yet market is not excited about the story. I expect price to start shooting sooner than later.

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Aerial Geographical survey tender, which Alphageo participated, not known. I find below news item.

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Interesting article from Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal.

(Tanveer) #144

Ya many small investors booking their losses…

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Asian oilfield looks much more interesting story!

Please read, their annual report, presentation & do scuttlebutt.

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Above link shows available tenders for seismic data, I would like to know if anybody have information that Alphageo is participating
or not?

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