ADAG Group - Investment opportunity or not?

(Vivek Chaturvedi) #83

Agree, however feel that if the company is not able to monetise the investments to a significant degree (10000 crs would be nice :slightly_smiling_face: ) we may have to hold this one for a longish time to see meaningful returns…

Hopefully investors like us are able to really question mgmt. hard on this point forcing them to give out much more info about these prop investments (especially the 6250 crs invested in CCD)

(shahparag) #84

after madhu kela , is it sunil singhnia permenently exited from reliance capital for his new venture @abakkusinvest ???

if so , why such great talent are exititng ??

do reliance capital posses enough intellectual brain to steer it in to growth in such a difficult financial market ??