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Experienced & results-driven Finance professional with proven track record of more than two decades in Finance and Operations management, Business partnering, Treasury and Tax management, Transformation and other strategic projects.

A few of my core skills are: Relationship management, Adaptability, Change management, Business partnering, Result orientation, Effective communication, Transformation initiatives, P&L management, Financial planning, Analytics, Project planning and execution

Quote I live by - ‘Everything is there. Everything is just perfect. Nothing needs to be done. All you have to do is enjoy the beauty of this flower, with the mindfulness that this flower is not going to last forever - it will one day wither’ - Gautam Buddha

I believe life in some sense is a game, but not a game of defeating others. It’s a game of discovering yourself, a game of looking past mere appearances and become enlightened. My personal four core values that guide my actions everyday are - Respect, Efficiency, Growth and Value addition.
In my free time, I enjoy reading on spirituality and pursuing my own quest for truth. I also enjoy cooking new dishes on weekends and of course going out for nature walks.