We are sitting on a huge mine of expertise. I mean can we take it to the masses?

Hi dear boarders,

I have been thinking about this for sometime. Let me pen down my ideas and invite your views-

Within this forum, the depth of expertise is truly unparalleled ! Be it technical, analytical, intuitive or simple business sense, its really amazing !

I believe most of us have been only investing in our personal capacity. Can we all come together and create a business entity and take out expertise to the masses ?

We do have mutual funds, PMS, stock advisory services and SEBI registered individual analysts etc. existing.But we could collectively be a force to reckon with. And make extra money for ourselves apart from our regular income and market gains !

Let me stop here. Not sure if I am making sense!. Please let me know if I am in compliance with the forum rules !

Going by past hints, some of the “core” or “senior” members are already thinking and planning this idea. The rest of us are part of the “masses” :slight_smile:


This forum will lose its relevance if we start thinking making money of our collective decision and participation.


This forum is what it is due to small contributions from the long tail of people, backed up by the ‘power law’ Top contributors. People contribute their effort and time to impart knowledge AND to test their case. If this becomes a MOOC/online course, then the commercial element will destroy this forum.

However a step to test this will be to gauge the response to the various VP forum meetups happening (Just refer Accelerated Learning section), and then take it forward

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What actually matters is results generated by a member, both absolute and alpha (relative to benchmark) returns. I actually haven’t seen a thread where we get to know that. I don’t mean to be nosy by asking people how much returns they have generated over what timeframe but I am genuinely interested in knowing if all this time and efforts in stock picking is paying off for individual investors. I am also not implying that so called seniors here are not generating returns. My opinion is contribution to forum may not be an indication of returns generated.

Afterall, cult of amateur stock pickers is shrinking world over and mutual funds are growing in size. This leads me to believe that individuals are not doing good on their own and handing over the baton to (so called) professionals. Even within mutual funds, passive funds are growing in size in developed world. So over there, even the mutual fund managers are joining the league of retail investors.

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I think valuepickr is more about stock picking and tracking rather than Stock valuation and portfolio allocation. As everybody knows, the returns for an individual is dependent not just on stock picking but also on entering at right price and allocating the right amount. So as you hinted, it might be true that certain senior’s own portfolio might not be doing too good as they might be lacking in the other aspects such as allocation and valuation. However, they still are generating enough value in this forum to be termed as senior members/ top contributors.

warm regards


I value content on this forum and that’s why I am here. This is a great resource for digging out information about obscure companies and leveraging the power of internet in connecting people with common interests. It’s the content of the post that matters more than the poster. Also hard facts and opinions about specific companies and events is I think the most useful content here than worldly gyan.
Coming back to the topic of the thread, my point is it would be difficult to commercialize wisdom here without knowing past performance. How does one pick a mutual fund or an adviser? Past performance is the only objective criteria more than anything else. I have seen portals where virtual portfolios are created and managed with real time market information so there is no hindsight bias. Such a feature will be most helpful here. That will separate analysts from managers.

This forum is created and then nurtured by like minded passionate private investors who fled few other forums which became questionable. The day this forum is exploited for money making ventures I think many people will go elsewhere.
Second thing is if you want to help society nobody is stopping you. you can take one mentor under you and teach him or her stock investing. Start with your family members and friends. Help them become better investors.
We cannot assume that direct investing is for everybody. I think majority of people are better off in good MF. They should do SIP for 30 years without much thinking about market state.
There are already hundreds of MFs and PMS and advisory services available to help investors. Why to pollute and defile this forum which is trusted and working at the moment without vested interests of anybody.


Why is taking money for an excellent resource- called exploitation, pollution?
That’s in simple language- called business!
All value investing is based on ROCE, Returns, and - Business

Very ironical!

The reason for its success is it is non commercial, voluntary and brotherhood. Every one is helping every one. Sharing and gaining. I see many members making tremendous contributions without any expectations. They have no motif and hence they are trusted by others.


what I see is most key members no longer share their stocks and stock specific research on this forum. Very different what it was in 2013,14

If you ask specific questions then you may still get answer from some one knowledgeable. People share AGM and conf call details, risks, market conditions etc. Some people share somewhat detailed investment thesis for new stocks even today. May be you are referring to founding team. I don’t know.

But don’t come here looking for tips and target price.


Lol. I clearly mentioned participation of senior members. One data point clearly visible is number of posts on stock discussion 2-3 years back and today!
Anyway, it is the their choice to go paid or not. It is a free world!

Please consider that valuations of companies is very different from what it was 2-3 years back. Now it has become even more harder to find undervalued companies. But still you will find that, many posts are regularly updated by senior member. Also lots of new posts regarding investment learning every month like the recent post on Terminal Value by Donald and Learning from Valuepickr Chintan Baithak. And that’s the main reason we all are here. To learn from experience of others, not for stock ‘tips’.


Agree. It is individual’s prerogative to decide how much, what and when he or she shares. There are other people now to contribute. People need to be reasonable in their expectations. May be the trust factor is more for few old timers. But then you are revealing that you are looking for tips and ideas where you do not want to do much research and due diligence yourself and want to coattail good investors in order to avoid hard work.:slight_smile:
Another point is that the dependence on only few people is never good for any group. I am glad there are now so many contributors.

Best way to harness power of this huge mine of expertise is to maintain Wikipedia type page for each company that includes all the information about a company similar to an unbiased third-party research report. We all can keep it updated as and when new information becomes available and old one become obsolete or irrelevant.

At the moment, there is a thread for each company and usually the first post in a thread has good information about the company but those created several years ago has outdated information. Other’s can’t edit this post so updated information is spread all over the thread with some non-essential material in between. I read a thread bottom up until I reach a point where there is not much new information.

@Yogesh_s very true. Also, the value is when such a large number of members can add details of their scuttlebutt efforts. Also we try to bring experiences for our life in the market here so that others can benefit from vicarious experience.


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I want to share what I have learnt in this so called investing world in last 20+ years. There is just too much hero worship in this investing domain/business. One or few stock ideas of someone works and that guy becomes XXX Bhai or XXX Ji. People follow him like lamb and are willing to catch every word spit from his (yes they are always men) mouth without applying their own mind. I started my career with Bosch and then spend life in technology industry. I did not see people licking top Bosch managers or people like Narayan Murthy or Ashok Soota or F C Kohli like that. Respect yes but blind intellectual slavery no. Never saw that. I think it happens due to money in stock investing. Money does things to your mind that is insidious. Changes you inside out.

I attended Vivek Kedia presentation in BSE some time ago. Frankly his presentation was crap. Some brilliant Q&A after presentation by the organizer and audience members saved the day and the event. And you know what. No one was willing to say openly his main presentation was crap. I now understand why Warren Buffet spent his life in Omaha. Why Schloss never interacted with investors on Wall street. Too much blind hero worship.
I don’t know if founding team is not sharing or not sharing, as alleged by few desperate tip seeking people here. But if they now allow others to contribute and share then I congratulate them. I ran away from Basant Maheshrari forum because i was sick of Basantaji, Basantji by credulous and desperate tip seeking public.
ValuePicker is now too big a forum. Brilliant forum no doubt but now big. Let us see in what direction it goes now.