Varroc Engineering Ltd

Can anyone pls explain what went wrong in the company’s acquired international businesses.
Like, The segments were good , but what happened?

Not sure what went wrong, siince they clearly mentioned
" Varroc Engineering Limited will not report revenue and EBITDA separately for overseas operations, and will only report at the total level."
which makes no sense and seems not fair to give clear picture about the international businesses.


Varroc engineering is a turnaround story they recently got an order of 8500cr and 40% of that is for EV vehicles. This stock is available at a PE 16 and market cap close to 8,600cr, which same as its recent order of 8,500 cr. As per my sources a big investor is doing bottom fishing at current levels of 575. My view is positive as the 2-wheeler industry is coming back to pre-covid levels. Expecting all time on charts soon!!


The PE is 16 because of tax refund in Q3 of 300+cr

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I bought it looking at PE, now it looks expensive… more like 40 PE

Today up 10% big investors are accumulating!!