ValuePickr - Chintan Baithak 2019

Hi abhishek
any suggestion on how to get started ? books or any other resources ?

thanks in advance


Thank you and a deep sense of gratitude to everyone who shared their work and experience.

As Ben Franklin said, an investment in knowledge pays the best dividends!

Keep it going!


I think he meant that there are industries which are chased by bad money, such as real-estate. The outcome is bad in such cases.

Then he also talked that in few industries it is very easy to raise capital, such as financing businesses. Finance businesses can either do retail lending which is slow and takes years, or they can do wholesale lending which will provide quick high growth. Companies often tilt to wholesale lending because of the ease of raising capital.



Technical analysis of stock trends by Edwards and Mcgee is one of the best books on TA. You can start with it. Once you start it you will find that its a vast subject. I would broadly divide the stuff into two useful segments. Patterns which include flag, double bottom, cup and handle, inverted head and shoulders etc. And indicators and parameters which include momentum indicators and moving averages. I use the patterns mostly and sometimes try to superimpose the indicators and parameters sometimes.

Try to figure out which stuff appeals to you and take it forward.



i agree with @pratyushmittal i love story and story telling apart from investing i share an story

The BAD Money sectors are like sponges They absorb the money without affecting the structure. Most of us had either made land purchase or planned to made one .we are converting hard earned white money in to black money .the price we pay is much higher than the stamp paper price . Just to save few bucks we get registry on the govt price . Each one knows this but no one dare to unearthed it .

to arrive at this one must be humble and years of experience

i add a small that Base for this tripod should be management quality.
thanks seniors and VP’s for sharing your learning


Also attaching my Investment Journey PPT. Still in the process of building a sensible portfolio. Will start a thread once I have one.

Rahul Lingala’s Investment Journey.pdf (104.6 KB)

Please note that there are a few typos in the numbers as pointed out during my PPT. But the core message I wanted to bring up should be the same.


Following sectoral presentations were made at VP Goa Meet


My Investment Journey presentation.
investment journey.pdf (35.8 KB)


Amazing discussion. Great work guys and thanks everyone for openly sharing your investment journey and approach.

@manish962 - Collated the uploads at one place for easy reference.

  1. Presentation from Hiren Ved

  2. Sectoral Presentations:
    a. Wealth & Asset Management
    b. Chemical Sector 2.0
    c. Capital Goods, Excel Analysis

  3. Special Topics:
    a. Hitesh & Abhishek - Technical Analysis in Investment
    b. Sandeep Kapadia - Musings from Mr. Charlie Munger
    c. Dhiraj Dave - Understanding the Indian Stock Market 1945-2018

  4. Stock Presentations
    a. Abhishek Basumalick - Rites, Majestic Auto, Cravatex
    b. Hitesh Patel - Lux
    c. Manish Vachhani - DFM Foods
    d. Harshit Goel - Parag Milk Foods
    e. Rahul Lingala - Motherson Sumi
    f. Sandeep Patel - Ion Exchange
    g. Jiten Parmar - Auto Sector
    h. Vivek Mashrani - Mold Tek Packaging
    i. Rupesh Tatiya -Laurus Labs, HDFC Life, AIA Eng., VIP, Camlin FS
    j. Kumar Saurabh - Tata Elxsi
    k. Deepak Venkatesh - Borosil
    l. Dhwanil Desai - Saregama
    m. Pratyush Mittal - GNA Axles
    n. Kedar B - Minda Industries
    o. Amit Rupani - KRBL

  5. Investment Journey
    a. Bharani Manoharan(Phreak)
    b. Narendra Prasad
    c. Rahul Lingala
    d. Harshit Goel
    e. Amit Rupani


The event was brilliant primarily because of the hard and deep work put in by all the participants. The high energy and thirst for learning is both inspiring and highly infectious. The mindset is that of giving and receiving openly between friends. The guests over the years recognize this honest quest and resonate favorably. This is what makes the event special. While the format of the conference is structured for one to many presentation, there is tons of opportunities for impromptu conversations, for inspired synchronicity to play out.

It has been a honor to be associated with the Valuepickr team over the years. The steep learning curves ( J curve ) seen in all the participants over the years has been amazing to see. There is a genuine quest from each of the participants to learn and improve oneself; there is mutual respect for each other and an deeply felt aspect of giving and sharing. This ethos is actually the inherent value system of Valuepickr of collaborating and learning with and from each other.

My presentation was an attempt to introduce the brilliance of Charlie Munger to the group in the three areas: Business and Investment Acumen, Worldly Wisdom and his Character and Values. The idea was to nudge the team to deliberately study the teachings of Mr. Charlie Munger and make him a virtual mentor as I have for myself.

ValuePickr 2019 Munger - deepinsight.pdf (733.4 KB)


@deepinsight, superb presentation on Munger .
1 where can I get the daily journal and Berkshire agm notes
2 What other resource you recommend on Munger apart from the ones cited in reference
Many thanks

At @deepinsight at this point I gotta tell you. I too am very deeply influenced and have learned so much from the teachings of Charlie Munger.
My moniker creation of Changu Mangu was my tribute to Charlie Munger :smiley:


It’s broadly available on the net, just search for it in Google…

Some links to get you started…

Daily Journal 2019 Transcript

In the books the simplest book is from Tren Griffin


Great. We are in the same boat.:+1:t2:

Lots to learn from Mr. Munger


Apologies for the slight delay. Here’s my note on the stock idea I presented on - Minda Industries

The note also details the investment process I follow for each investment idea I work on, including the DCF/reverse DCF mindset I use in combination with some simple validation methods. I am a big fan of documenting my thought process when I choose to invest in something, 2-3 years down the line I have a ready reference to evaluate myself. Since everything is in black & white there really is nowhere to hide if something does not play out as expected :slight_smile:

Note - Minda Industries.pdf (386.6 KB)


What is the process/details to attend the event? I am looking forward to attend the event the next time.

Ravi Yendru

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This event is invite-only. It is not a public event.

The only way to get an invite is to contribute meaningfully to the VP forum and adhere to the VP ethos of collaborative research and learning.


First of all would like to apologize for late post.

Below quote by Charlie Munger comes to my mind right away as I sit down to pen my first experience of attending VP Chintan Baithak 2019 and still trying to get out of my jet-lag.

“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” - Charlie Munger

Every individual at the annual meet possessed unique personality, background, experience, strengths and weaknesses, and an individual way to approach to investing in equities. But everyone was out there to learn from the other person regardless of their seniority or time spent in the market, and everyone was generously willing to help the other person. It was a great joy to see sheer humbleness of all the folks in attendance.

Notes from Hiren’s session have been captured above very well. I’m not going to add any value but would repeat most of the stuff by sharing my notes. But would share my big two takeaways from his candid talk; 1) First Chink in the Armour – DO NOT IGNORE IT. THINK DEEPER. 2) Be on highest alert level after a good year. Re-evaluate your portfolio and KEEP CLEANING YOUR EGO. Big thanks to Hiren for generously sharing his learning from over 30+ years of his experience in the markets.

We had high quality presentations on one’s investment idea to ponder further (I guess there were 20+ ideas shared). It’s quite remarkable to see the differential insights in each idea which can easily be missed in traditional way of generating ideas. A gem may look ordinary at face value but it’s true worth is realized only after it is given a shape and polished (as one digs deep and finds “that” differential insight). Got some brilliant insights and accelerated learning in tough sectors like Capital Goods, Specialty Chemicals, and AM & WM.

The amount of hard work that went into extracting exceptional insights for each idea and sector presentation is noteworthy. Hats off to everyone for going above and beyond to share their hard work given their full-time job and many raising a young family.

I’m sure Oliver Wendell Holmes will be proud of us. Below is his apt quote:

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

A big eye opening moment, personally for me, was during the presentation by Hiteshbhai & Abhishekda on use of Technicals for long-term investors. Hiteshbhai has very rightly said that unless market agrees with us, it is not possible for any investor to make money. There is huge opportunity cost involved for every investment that we make. If our favorite stock remains sideways for years for many reasons, opportunity cost can make a significant difference to our overall returns. Biggest learning was that with the knowledge of Technicals, one may become better at entry & exit and ensure that capital is deployed optimally. At this moment, I don’t even know “T” of Technicals but will no longer keep a mental block towards Technicals and will try to explore it with an open mind and see where it can lead me to. I want to sincerely thank both @hitesh2710 & @basumallick for their enlightening presentation which removed the mental block that I had towards Technicals.

A lot of planning and management goes into ensuring that a 4 day event moves smoothly and we achieve what we have gathered for. From deciding event location to ensuring that everyone catches their return flight by getting proper transportation to the airport – there are tons of items that need to be planned for. Hats off to all the gentlemen who were part of planning and managing the flow of the event.

I want to thank @ayushmit for a very thoughtful customized souvenir that was given to all attendees. It will proudly remain on my office desk reminding me to strive for continuous hard work to Seperating the Wheat from the Chaff.

Lastly, I would like to thank the senior panel members to forward me the invitation to attend the Annual Meet. It was an amazing experience and absolute pleasure to meet everyone. I learnt a lot from everyone attending this event.

My Introduction, Investment Journey, and Investment Philosophy deck. Introduction, Investment Journey, Investment Philosophy_Amit Rupani.pdf (315.7 KB)

I made a presentation on KRBL. Will share deck on KRBL thread.


Dear Mr Harshit

Gone through your presentation on parag milk foods. Keen to know why PMF still at great discount to market cap of Hatsun agro though their VADP % is best in industry ?


I don’t know if you know about the separate thread where members have discussed about Parag. Check the thread, if you are not familiar with it.