TV Today- Value Migration

1.Just check how they have allocated capital in past on radio and they merged a loss making print business of parent company in it.

2.Aaj tak is the cash cow for them but from last 5-6 weeks Republic Bharat has replaced them from their no 1 position… It’s a big risk.

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They did not diversify into unrelated businesses ever. Radio and news paper is their line of business. That did not work but that’s ok. Every one fails but they did not do something utter foolish. Also see the way digital revenues are increasing.
But it’s very tough industry with no entry barriers that’s the problem. It’s not the business where it’s secular growth. New players keep coming like republic Bharat and TV9 bharatvarsh. Right now it’s valuations are low so it can give good appreciation.

Not sure if lot of folks following this thread. TV Today gains after Abakkus Asset Manager buys stake | Business Standard News

Hi Everyone, I am new to this thread.

I would like to point out a very big anti-thesis from my side that could affect the business of TV Today, especially the digital business.

The fact is that today a lot of people who today watch India Today or Aaj Tak watch it more because of the following of the anchors. For example, the only news show that I watch the entire day is the one that Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai anchors and whenever he is not anchoring that show, I don’t watch it. I am not saying that this the case with every viewer but is definitely there with a lot of them. I am attaching a poll here to test the theory within the followers of this thread.

  • I watch a particular news show because of the anchor.
  • I watch a particular news show in spite of whoever the anchor is.

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Toady a lot of people who used to watch NDTV or India Today watch shows conducted independently by previous anchors of these very media channels on youtube.

India Today has about 5.2 Mn subscribers, on the other hand:

  1. Newslaundry: Key Journalist: Madhu Trehan has 1.2 Mn subscribers

  2. Mojo: Key Journalist: Barkha Dutt has 658k subscribers

  3. The Wire: Key Journalist: Karan Thapar has 3.55 Mn subscribers

These are just a few of the many ones that I know about on youtube. The major reason that these Youtube channels got these many subscribers even after being relatively newer is because of the loyalty that viewers have towards these journalists who are founders or faces of this web-driven news.

In my view, this is a very big anti-thesis against this company which is will get even more aggravated as more and more journalists start their own youtube channels.

Disc: I am invested in the company because of the many strengths that it has.

I would also like to say that I am a relatively new investor and thus my view may be a little simplistic.


This trend is happening everywhere. Journalists are breaking out and creating their own brand.

In the US this is being done through substack. Which allows subscription based readership.

India is a different market
Journalists have you tube channels so that they can use the adbased funding model of. You tube.

Setting up a channel is easier today compared to earlier as you can be an internet only channel. No need to be on

This will sooner or later dent the news channel only companies just like it has done in the US

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YouTube Viewership stats for major English & Hindi News Channels


YouTube Viewership stats for major English & Hindi News Channels


In English Wion and in Hindi Zee News, both owned by Zee Entertainment. Looks like a revival of Zee Entertainment.

India Today is far below in both.

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The board has also approved the alteration of the ‘Object Clause’ of the Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the company to include additional objects in the areas of skill-based e-games, education, news aggregation, cinematograph trade, etc. and deleting of “Other Objects” to bring the Object Clause in line with the requirements of Companies Act, 2013, subject to the approval of shareholders by way of Postal ballot.

One of the additions to the company’s MOA includes “to undertake the business of skill games/sports on various digital platforms including but not limited to website, mobile platform, television and organise, conduct e-sports tournaments online and offline, e-sports awards ceremony, creation/auction of Franchise based Esports league team and sell merchandise, and otherwise dealing, handling and developing online, web and app-based games relating to live sports events and provide other related services on online mode or on any other mode in India or elsewhere”.

The object clause of the MOA now also includes “establishing, developing, setting up, organising, running in any part of India and abroad Institute(s), multimedia centre(s), where in professional, technical, vocational or higher education in every field of Journalism, mass communication, media and entertainment management, visual communication, broadcast journalism, digital education be imparted and develop, operate, maintain, support an online web portal, software, web application or directory for providing details, information, solutions and services related to Education field including but not limited to conducting entrance tests, facilitating college enrolment, providing counselling services to students and parents with respect to admission in colleges In India and international and other related services on online mode or on any other mode In India or elsewhere”.

Another addition to the object clause is “undertaking the business of news aggregators, news collection, content aggregators and develop and maintain software, website, WAP or web applications, aggregate and curate news content from various sources including but not limited to websites, blogs, podcasts, video blogs and to collect new stories and other Information”.

The company has also added the object “to carry on the business of the cinematograph trade and Industry in all their branches and activities and particularly the business of manufacture, production, distribution, exploitation, exhibition, import and export of all kinds of cine films, talkie films, video films, telefilms, documentary films, advertising films, TV Serials and films and motion pictures of all kinds and nature for entertainment, amusement, publicity, education and instruction in all languages prevailing in the world”.

Source :

Education - Zeelearn/byzus or shiksha/collegedunia ???

Esports ???

Serials/Films - Zee, Sony ???

Any views on these statements by management

What happened to TV Today if someone could highlight. I do not see any bad news that lead it to break by 20%. Result overall is inline. Even cash is good.