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Tijori | View Key Non Financial Metrics from Annual Reports


We do not track historic PE as of now, but you should be able to find this on

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Hi Tijori team,
Is it possible to also provide Pie chart for PAT wise product wise break-up. Currently what you show is only on revenue side.



Hello Tijori Team,
Is it possible to get the following data added on the website also

  1. Stock Beta
  2. Market Share of products (Not Added for A Few Stocks)
  3. Credit Ratings of the Company
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Hey Saurabh,

Unfortunately we haven’t indexed this data - but will certainly look to incorporate PAT wise product break-up during the next data extraction cycle.

But you could check out for this. They recently rolled out this feature.

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Hi Ayush,

Thanks for the great suggestions. Stock Beta & Credit rating is possible but will take us some time since we’re working on some other features & currently have limited resources.

Regarding Market Share - we are constantly scanning company filings for any new market share data points & will add them as & when we spot any new info. So basically this would always be an on-going but slow process. But do point us to any new market share info that you come across which isnt on Tijori & we’ll have it indexed right away.

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Never seen a beautiful website like Tijori…
great graphics ,easy to understand,simplistic,pleasant to eyes too…

watta hardwork.

long way to go,
just the beginning,
extraordinary efforts.


Would it be able to index annual reports.
For instance, Black rose makes polyacrylamide and its there in their annual report. If annual reports were indexed it would bring up the paragraph mentioning polyacrylamide in blackrose annual report
Not all companies give all products on p&l but most single product companies do.

Yes we are indexing annual reports, but currently have not enabled key word search. Working on opening this out. Will keep you posted.

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Thanks Karthik: )

And we have recently added a features page to showcase some of the core features available on Tijori:


New Feature Update: Knowledge Base

We are trying to compile a knowledge base for investors to go even deeper.

Here all the key company filings such as annual reports, investor presentations, conference calls, earning release etc. would be compiled in a single place. This is still WIP & will be improved in the coming months.


Interesting website.
Good work @Sidhegde
The minimal UI is awesome and refreshing !

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Hi, Really good and useful site…Would be great if you can add

  1. Client list of each company
  2. Raw materials used by the company

You can only add what is available somewhere digitally
If you know where to find this info then it’s easy to add
Do you know where this is available ?

Hey Kiran,

  1. Yes we display the list of suppliers / customers where available in the connections tab.

  1. Raw Materials - Yes we have indexed the list of major raw materials used by companies (where available). This info is not displayed on the Tijori website yet, will work on this soon.

Feature Update: Macro Indicators - India

We’ve covered some key macro indicators in addition to the one’s usually reported such as:

  1. FMCG Volumes
  2. Personal Loan Outstanding
  3. Country wide Tractor sales
  4. GDP, Inflation, Core Industry Production etc.

Do let us know if we missed any important one’s.


Hi @Sidhegde

For Deepak nitrate , Revenue mix for performance product is shown as 14 percent and in annual report 2019 it shows as 22 percent .

Hi Devaraj,

Thanks for raising any data disparity you’ve come across, however we’ve also derived our data from the 2019 AR (pg 238).

There the company mentions that they get ~403 Cr from performance products & the overall company revenue is ~2740 Cr. From these 2 points we derived the % rev from performance is 14%.

You could view this filing by clicking the source button below any the charts / data points shown on Tijori.


Hi @Sidhegde, I was looking at Mold-tek Packaging’s Consolidated Balance Sheet on Tijori, and found it to be inconsistent with the Annual Report. For eg. Total Assets of 355cr for FY19 vs. 368cr on Tijori. Can you please check? Thanks!

Hey, thanks for notifying. Let me check & get back to you on this

New Product Update: Tijori USA

We’ve just rolled out the 1st version of Tijori USA currently covering S&P 500 companies only. The features now available on the site include:

  1. Revenue Mix
  2. Sales Growth Break-Down
  3. Operational Metrics

Revenue Mix

Operational Metrics

Will be adding increasing the coverage & adding more features in the coming months. Please do share any feedback / improvement points