Tanla Platforms ~ Leading player in the fast-growing CPaaS market

Businesses may turnaround but character, very hard . Have learnt this hard way. So, do take caution for your hard earned money.



Tanla Announcement - SMS hub deployment

Increase in volume and heavy movement in price of the stock. Any positive news/development in this stock?

Also, technically on verge of breakout/breakdown (mostly breakout) if it crosses 62.

Experts - Please opine.

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I bought Tanla around 45/47, just before it got locked into series of upper circuits. I added more qty in the next few days. The main reason for my investment in Tanla was the beautiful symmetry of its long term technicals plus the victory of Jagan Mohan Reddy in A.P…the promoters of Tanla are supposedly very close to the new Andhra CM…


I was very hesitant to invest given the past history ( read the thread above) of promoters. But investor presentations, debt free and disclosure of cash position after every quarter and where the money is parked ( extensive list of holding is given ). Though this has been a good developments on corp. governance side, I’m keeping my eyes wide open due the senior boarders warnings given here. Also Promoters are adding constantly from the open market, nearly 60 L shares open market purchase happened this year. Thats nearly 3 % and they added last Friday as well. If I remember right, they can only increase by 5% per financial year from open market purchase.

Coming back to business side, There are some barrage of developments at Tanla. Last year Tanla acquired Karix Mobile ( formerly mGage ) for 340 Crore in a cash and stock transaction from GSO Capital Partners, a Blackstone Company. Recently Karix has been in news for new business developments.

Also from Tanla developed a blockchain based spam call blocking system Trubloq

Vodafone with 395 million users ties up with Tanla.

I could not quantify the top line and bottomline from theses recent developments. But from FY20 Q1 onwards Karix is part of Tanla and 60 % increase in topline is expected ( using FY 18 numbers ). Please remember that equity will be diluted as new shares will be issued to the GSO (part of the acquisition deal) and they will have a observer seat in the board.

Discl: This is not a buy/sell Reco. Have small portion in my portfolio with low average (34)… stock ran up considerably… Views are totally biased


Isn’t this bringing back memories of the earlier times when the stock went up after all the acquisitions etc and then crashed?

Disclaimer: have a small tracking position at 14 Rs. per share.

The stock is now more than Rs. 170. Does anyone know why it is moving up at such high speed?

This stock is going up by exactly 5% everyday. How is that possible?

I know that no one seems interested in this stock, but I am still amazed that it keeps going up (and generally 5% per day) without any end in sight.
Is this some form of scam?


Please check the company performance also … they have shown good profit and growth for last 2 quarters. Stock price seems to be going much beyond the performance.


Not sure if this is a good sign or not. Today the price is 480 and I am sure that people want to push it to 500. I am not sure when to get out (started thinking at 230 levels), but with an investment of less than Rs. 3000 and current value of about Rs 97000, I cannot convince myself to sell off yet.

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It seems MIT has invested in TANLA https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-cm/tanla-platforms-gains-after-mit-vantage-equity-buy-stake-120112600265_1.html

I wonder what value they found at a price of 524.

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Was not aware there was a thread on Tanla. Copying from Route Mobile and posting here

Another interesting play in the same space is Tanla Platforms. In my write up on Route I had mentioned Karix which got acquired by Tanla Platforms.

  • Tanla acquired Karix Mobile which is quite similar to Route Mobile https://www.karix.com/
  • The company also acquired company called Gamooga which is AI powered onmi channel network https://gamooga.com/ (which I am not sure but suspect is somewhat similar to Affle)
  • The company reportedly processed close to 200bn transactions on its platform during FY20 and serviced over 1500 enterprise customers.
  • Tanla also operates a blockchain-based solution, deployed by Indian telecom companies to check the flow of spam SMS on their network. The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform, Trubloq, which went live in September, handled 70% of the total DLT traffic, which is 35 billion
  • Tanla has attracted four FIIs - MIT, Old Bridge Capital, Capital Group and Amansa Capital within 13 days of the company’s inclusion in the MSCI India Domestic Small Cap Index.

Tanla Platforms has net cash balance sheet. Promoters have been increasing stake in the company from 30.63 in Dec2017 to the latest 41.2x

Company has done 160crs profits in 1H. Extrapolating that to FY21 it should be 320csr profits. Company has market cap of 7939crs so trading at 24x FY21. Route should do 120crs profits in FY21 and has a market cap of 5709crs is at 47.6x FY21.

Disclosure: Invested in both Tanla Platforms and Route Mobile


As I am a shareholder, the company has sent me this IIFL report on Tanla

IIFL.pdf (1.0 MB)


Yes. That one paints a rosy picture.
Having said that, I would be really surprised if the stock fails to cross 1000 before Christmas (the way it goes to upper circuit every day.)

Congratulations @vnktshb for being invested i Tanla. I started reading about this since your last post and found really interesting at 670 odd levels.But keeps hitting upper circuit since so many days and could not muster enough courage to get in

Just thinking… is it fair for a company to circulate a third-party positive & bullish report about its company ?
i mean, doesnt it say that company has eyes on its share price ?

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Everyone has an eye on the share price. Promoters or managements who get ESOPs are humans not gods or saints.

Are we all buying the shares without an eye on the share price?

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Management is expected to have all the eyes on the business. Share price will be the result of that action.

Everyday for past 3 days exactly 5% down. I’ve been invested in this stock since early days, 2010 & had mentally written off & forgotten this stock. I have no idea why it is booming so much but I’m not complaining. Starting to exit my position little by little now.