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It seems it is just a rumour written by livemint. Company has denied such funding from KKR.

Strides have gone through a series of mergers in the past 3-4 years and is finally going to do a demerger for focusing on the respective businesses to create more value for shareholders.

Check out the links to the articles to study it’s journey purely for research purposes.

Strides seems to have lost its way since the shasun merger in 2015. The market didn’t seem to take too kind and the scrip was full of bears selling it at every rise. To be fair, strides did not have any USFDA issues like other pharma cos. Recently hdfc sec has given a positive long term view.

Disc: Not invested but tracking closely

I believe Professor Mankekar has exited Strides this week .

any reasoning behind this observation?

I believe recent beating of the stock price is over reaction of Mr. Market…here is report from Motilal Oswal

Indeed it is a fact Professor Mankekar exited his stake and this will reflect in the next quarter shareholding pattern.
The further downward pressure by Mr. Market may have been an over reaction to the exit.

hmmm…I wonder if any one can explain the downside with appropriate reasoning…as I see the management taking right steps to diversify and increase the business.

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I exited my positive n sometime back with little gain.

Disc: Exited and not tracking.

I had invested despite sound advice from the senior guy in a peer company. Regretted, sold and no intention to look back.

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@sumi00 @aammiitt2 would you be able to share the rational behind you exit?

That’s meaningless to discuss now. What is your investment thesis?

do you still hold STAR?

I have written short summary note on Strides Shasun’s FY17 Annual Report.
I hope this will be helpful to you.

PS: Please find the attachment.Strides Shasun Ltd AR 2017 Key Highlights.pdf (702.4 KB)

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Rushin Shah

Market Purchase from the Promoter Arun Kumar on Nov 8, reported to exchange on Nov 13

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We should hopefully have a bottom now - The dissonance doesn’t make sense - Good operational numbers and the stock at a 52 week low - Similar situation with Sequent. Downside is probably limited now